Large Dog Beds For Arthritis

Providing Relief for Dogs Suffering Joint Pain!

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Large dogs as they age may experience arthritis or aching joints. Orthopedic dog beds can help ease the pain and provide a comfortable night’s sleep. Knowing the sleeping style of your dog will sleeping styles of dogs so you can match a dog bed with it.

Arthritis is a common health problem for any breed of dog of any age. This is no exception for large dogs and especially if your dog has been diagnosed with arthritis or joint issues.

The best bed for dogs with these health issues is an orthopedic dog bed. Even though they are more expensive, they provide the best overall comfort for dogs that suffer from arthritis and joint pain.

Of course, any bed is better for your dog than sleeping on the hard floor.

Knowing your dog’s sleeping style will be helpful in determining which orthopedic dog bed to buy. We discuss the dog’s sleeping style below. Just click on the link to jump to that section and read all about it.

Dogs that weigh over 50 pounds can develop joint problems as they age. Arthritis and other joint conditions such as hip dysplasia are among the most widely UN-diagnosed problems in large dogs.

One final point, dogs sleep up to 12 to 14 hours per day throughout their entire life. If you should notice your dog sleeping more than normal, contact your vet right away to ensure nothing is wrong with your pet.

Arthritis is a form of joint pain caused by inflammation and deteriorating joint tissue that causes aches and pain when moved even slightly. It is often associated with old age but has also been seen in younger dogs as well. It is important to make sure your dog is staying healthy as to prevent them from experiencing this early on or at all.

Signs and Risk Factors of Arthritis

No one plans for their pets getting old. However, just like humans, dogs do get aching joints and can develop arthritis as they age. The best thing we can do is to notice them and help them as they age. Also, knowing some of the risk factors and signs that they are having problems will be helpful not only for them but for you too.

Please note that dogs can develop arthritis as early as a year old in 20% of breeds, and 80% for dogs 8 years and older.

Risk Factors

Arthritis is one of the most common health issues with dogs. If your pet should be overweight, this will also put on some added stress on their leg joints and cause additional joint pain.

Some of the most common dog breeds where arthritis shows up are Chihuahuas and Yorkshire Terriers. They have a condition known as luxating patella. This condition shows up when the dog’s legs are popping when they walk. Or may be hesitant to sit properly with their legs bent.

If you should notice any of these signs, talk with your vet to confirm and see what treatment options are best.

Some Signs of Arthritis in Dogs

You may not notice arthritis at first, but the signs below can help you to detect it in your pet.

  • Stiffness when getting up
  • Not wanting to get out of bed
  • Limping
  • Issues when going up and down the stairs
  • Reluctant to go on long walks or move
  • Irritability
  • Change in behavior
  • Licking, chewing & biting
  • Tiredness

If you should notice your dog doing any of these signs, it could be they are suffering from arthritis and it’s time to speak with your vet.

You can talk with your vet about any treatments that can be helpful for your dog. However, arthritis cannot be cured. Your vet can assist you in selecting the best treatment that can be used for your dog to help ease his pain and mobility during their later years.

Why are Orthopedic Dog Beds Good for Arthritis

Orthopedic dog beds are made with memory foam or other firm material that will support their weight. This bedding is not the normal type used for normal dog beds. The orthopedic dog bed helps decrease the pressure points on your dog’s joints when they are laying down.

Since these beds are made with stiffer material it actually helps your dog to stand up after lying down. It is much easier to stand up on something that also provides them support than something too soft and allows them to sink in without pushing them upwards. It is a common misconception that a softer bed will help arthritis. The truth is when something is soft it allows the heaviest part of the dog to sink, thus creating a misalignment of the joints resulting in pain.

Orthopedic dog beds release tension in pressured areas as dogs lay in them allowing their joints to be comfortable in any position. Do not get any bed where the foam goes to the floor when your dog is sleeping on it. This defeats the purpose of an orthopedic bed in the first place.

What is helpful here is the material used for the cover of the bed. You are looking for material that is waterproof and machine washable so they are easy to clean in the event your pet has an accident. Dogs will not sleep on beds that have odors. So, it it important to wash them regularly and especially after an accident.

Waterproof covers will allow your pet to sleep on them longer during the day without worrying about skin problems.

Other Options You Can Do Helping Dogs with Arthritis

As there are medical treatments you can give your dog for arthritis, but you also can do some other options to help your pet to live comfortably while in this condition. Let’s look at some of them.

  • If you notice your dog sleeping on the couch or bed, you can put in ramps or pet steps.
  • You can raise the dog’s food and water bowls so they don’t have to bend down to eat and drink.
  • If your home has lots of wooden floors and stairs, consider placing some rugs or carpeting to help them stay steady on their feet.
  • You can place booties with rubber grips to help your pet to walk on wooden floors and stairs.
  • Getting your dog an orthopedic bed to help him to relax that will not place unnecessary pressure on his joints.
  • Give your dog some helpful supplements (Natural organic dog coconut oil and Turmeric)
  • Contact your vet for any other helpful suggestions



Consider Orthopedic Dog Bed Manufacturing

There are some things that need consideration before purchasing an orthopedic dog bed. We list some of these below. Remember, not all orthopedic dog beds are made equal.

  • Is it durable?
  • Is it supportive and cushioned?
  • If your dog needs to be in a crate, will the bed fit inside the crate?
  • Is the bed easy to clean?
  • Is the cover removable for washing?
  • When your pet lies on it, will it not go flat to the floor?
  • Does the bed fit your dog’s sleeping style?

There are many different types and styles of orthopedic dog beds to select from. You should be able to find a bed that will fit your dog’s sleeping style with ease. Your vet can also recommend the best bed for your dog based on his condition.

Remember, when purchasing an orthopedic dog bed be prepared to spend a little more than non-orthopedic beds.

Dog Sleeping Styles

Now, let’s look at some of the basic dog sleeping styles. It is important to know that your dog has a preferred sleeping style. Regardless of breed, all dogs have a specific sleeping style they use when they sleep. Be sure to match the bed with his sleeping style.

You will see your dog sleep with any of the following styles:

  1. Donut Sleepers

Sleeping Styles - Donut Sleeper

Sleeping Styles – Donut Sleeper

These dogs cuddle into a little ball as they snooze. This style the dog is protecting their vital organs and regulating their body temperature. This style does not leave them vulnerable to predators and offers a feeling of safety and comfort. You may notice your dog doing this position in cold weather.

Best Bed: A calming donut style or bolster type beds.

  1. Lion’s Pose

Sleeping Styles - The Lions Pose Sleeper

Sleeping Styles – The Lions Pose Sleeper

In this style you will notice your pet laying his head between or on top of his paws. This means the dog is just started falling asleep, so they can awake easily. Sleeping in this position means your dog is ready to leap into action at a moment’s notice. You might see your dog rolling over as deep sleep sets in.

Best Bed: Rectangular Orthopedic Bed

  1. Side Sleeper or Leg Stretchers

Sleeping Styles - The Side Sleeper

Sleeping Styles – The Side Sleeper

If you notice your dog side sleeping or stretching his legs out while sleeping in this position, it means your pet is relaxed and comfortable in their surroundings and trusts you. Dogs often reach REM sleep in this position. Leave your dog alone when he is sleeping in this position. This is the most common sleeping style for most dogs regardless of breed. However, they can do some of the others that are mentioned in this article.

Best Bed: Rectangular Orthopedic Bed

  1. Belly Up

Sleeping Styles - On The Back Sleeper

Sleeping Styles – On The Back Sleeper

Dog’s sleeping in this position with their belly exposed and paws in the air means he is super comfortable with his environment. This is also a way for him to cool off.

Best Bed: Rectangular Orthopedic Bed



  1. The Cuddler

Sleeping Styles - The Cuddler Sleeper

Sleeping Styles – The Cuddler Sleeper

Dog’s sleeping in this position like to sleep next to you or get cuddled up against another dog which provides them a sense of security and warmth. This is also a sign of love, affection, and bonding and your dog wants to get closer to you.

Best Bed: A calming donut style bed.

  1. The Burrower

Sleeping Styles - The Burrower Sleeper

Sleeping Styles – The Burrower Sleeper

In this position a dog will burrow under blankets, pillows or under laundry. This position means the dog is seeking warmth, comfort, and safety.

Best Bed: The hut cuddler or cave type beds.

  1. The Superman

Sleeping Styles - The Superman Sleeper

Sleeping Styles – The Superman Sleeper

In this position you will notice your dog laying on their stomach with their legs stretched out. Thus, looking like superman. The reason for this position is the dog wants a temperature cool-down and a quick rest.

  1. On Their Tummy

Sleeping Styles - On The Tummy Sleeper

Sleeping Styles – On The Tummy Sleeper

Dog’s sleeping in this position especially on a cold surface wants to get cool as they feel hot. This can be if they were on a walk on a hot day. He is trying to adjust his temperature so sleeping on a cold surface will help cool him off.

Best Bed: Rectangular Orthopedic Bed

  1. Neck and Head Raised

Sleeping Styles - Head and Neck Raised Sleeper

Sleeping Styles – Head and Neck Raised Sleeper

This is a position when you see your dog lying with its head and neck raised. Dogs will use the side of a bed or cushion for this position. If you notice your dog in this position it could mean he might have some breathing issues. This position allows them to get more air. When you see this, you need to contact your vet.

The above are the most common sleeping styles most dogs will use. As a pet owner, you should become aware of his style very quickly. With this information in hand, you should be able to select the best bed for his style. Especially, if he suffers from arthritis.

Always select a bed for your pet that matches is most prevalent sleeping style. Try to select a bed that he can grow into if you have a puppy. Check with your vet to determine his adult size and weight and match a bed to fit him in his adulthood.

The Best Arthritis Dog Beds

If your dog has been diagnosed with arthritis, then you should search for orthopedic dog beds. Look for the following:

  • Orthopedic dog beds are beds that provides extra support to a dog’s bones and joints, especially the hips and elbows.
  • When a dog lies down on an orthopedic bed, he shouldn’t be able to feel the floor through the bed.

Be aware that not all orthopedic beds are the same. The materials used in making the bed is important. Try finding orthopedic beds that are totally manufactured in the United States. The foam used in the USA must meet some standards where those made in China and other countries do not.

Beds made in China may use memory foam that may contain some harmful chemicals like lead, arsenic, bromine, phthalates, chlorine, formaldehyde, and others. Many well-known name brands of orthopedic dog beds have their memory foam made in China to reduce costs. These beds may contain one or more of these harmful chemicals. Be sure to contact customer support and ask them where the memory foam is made. If they don’t know, don’t buy that brands bed.

Even if the memory foam that is used is made in the USA, it is vital to know if it contains any harmful chemicals. Contact the manufacture before making any purchase. Check with them to determine if the memory foam has the CertiPUR-US seal.

Remember, your dog is relying on you to make good choices for their food and bed. Your choices will determine their health as they live in your home.

If the memory foam has the CertiPUR-US seal, and are not made with harmful toxins, than it’s safe. Because it has the Certified Safe American Foam made only in the USA.



  • Orthopedic beds helps dogs suffering from arthritis and joint pain
  • Helps does suffering from hip dysplasia
  • Provides comfort in relieving painful pressure points
  • Covers are washable
  • Arthritic dogs get a better night’s sleep
  • Some brands offer chew-proof beds
  • Non-skid bottoms
  • Waterproof memory foam liner
  • Some brands offer beds made in the USA


  • Orthopedic beds are more expensive
  • Low chew resistance
  • Some covers may not be water-resistant
  • Some brands beds must be assembled
  • Some brands the memory foam is made in China and may contain harmful chemicals


As we shared, orthopedic dog beds are the best for dog’s that suffer from arthritis or joint pain. Of course, not all orthopedic dog beds are made the same.

The reason is some beds are made outside of the United States and may use memory foam materials that contain some harmful chemicals.

You can look for some signs that your dog may experience some early form of arthritis or joint pain.

To aid you in finding the best bed we shared some of the most common sleeping styles they have. This will allow you to match the bed with their sleeping style which is important.

When you look for orthopedic dog beds be sure they have removable covers that are washable and water-resistant.

If your dog is an aggressive chewer, look for beds that are chew proof.

With this information, you should be able to find an orthopedic dog bed that will keep your pet comfortable and help ease their joint pain in their senior years.

Bed brands like Big Barker, Sealy, Furhaven, PetFusion, Bedsure and K9 Ballistics all use CertiPUR-US memory foam in making their orthopedic dog beds that will not contain any harmful chemicals.

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