Shark Small Pet Bed

Collapsible Indoor House Bed Shelter

Self-Warming Shark Bed Makes Dogs Comfortable and Cozy!

Does your pet have difficulty in sleeping on his bed? The Shark Small Pet Bed may just be the answer for him. It’s very cute, stylish, self-warming, and offers cave-like protection for pets that like to sleep in a curl up position or semi-circle. It provides very private sleeping quarters.

This particular pet bed is designed for small dogs that are under 15 pounds. It also has a waterproof bottom, self-warming material which radiates heat back to the pet as they lay down or sleep. It will keep them very comfortable.

The material in this bed is not indestructible; thus dogs that are aggressive chewers may tear this bed into pieces.

What Makes This Small Dog Bed Unique?

  • Interior cushion is removable
  • Bed collapses for easy packing for traveling or rearranging the house
  • Bottom cushion is waterproof
  • Soft polar fleece with NuFoam makes it self-warming
  • Cave like shape provides comfortable and private sleeping quarters

Product Specifications

Below are specifications for this product.

  • Cost: Grey $12.53, Blue $20.99 & $20.89 Dog House $16.99
  • ASIN Number: B00DZITYGU
  • Weight:1 Pounds
  • Outer Dimensions:5 x 16.5 x 14.5 inches (42x42x37 cm)
  • Inner Dimensions:5 x 14.5 x 14.5 inches (37x37x37 cm)
  • Origin: Made in China
  • Material: Fiber cloth+oxford+PP cotton filler
  • Self-Warming Material: Radiates heat back to the pet
  • Manufacture: Spexpet
  • Styles: Shark Gray, Shark Blue & House Blue & Brown
  • Color: Grey or Blue
  • Comes with a detachable pillow
  • Washable: Yes
Shark Collapsible Indoor Pet Bed Blue

Shark Collapsible Indoor Pet Bed Blue

Customer Reviews and Rating

There are over 365 customers who have purchased this product and have rated this item an average score of 4.4 out of 5, which is excellent. This product is a number one best-seller on Amazon.

  1. Super cute, but took a while to be delivered. – February 13, 2016

Super cute, but took a while to be delivered. I have a Chihuahua terrier mix and she fit perfectly all balled up, however, it took her awhile to warm up to it she also prefers playing with it to sleeping in it. My only issue is that the cushion for the bed part is really small and cheaply made. I will be buying extra stuffing to sew into it.

  1. It’s cute and is perfect for a small dog or cat – February 5, 2016

Worth the wait. It’s cute and is perfect for a small dog or cat. I bought this for my Yorkie.

  1. Shark Bait – February 4, 2016

Chihuahua loves sitting in it in front of the fireplace.

  1. He is able to fit very nicely inside with lots of room to spare – January 30, 2016

My dog loves this, he is able to fit very nicely inside with lots of room to spare, he’s a 5lb yorkie. Definitely a good buy.

  1. Smaller than expected but perfect for my dog – January 29, 2016

My dog is 8 lbs. and the bed fits her. I think it could fit a dog slightly bigger.
It’s a cute dog bed. We just got it and she already likes it because it provides the cave like feeling.

If you are interested in reading more of the 365 plus customer reviews, just click on the link.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about this shark pet bed.

  1. Where is this bed made? Answer: China
  2. Would this fit a 15 pound miniature dachshund? Answer: Yes
  3. It is machine washable? Answer: Yes
  4. How big is the bed? Answer: It fits my 10 pound dog. I have Chihuahua’s and the biggest is about 7 lbs…2 can fit in one bed….they usually don’t share. .and one sleeps comfortably with a blanket inside!
  5. Is this pink? Answer: No. It does not have any pink in it. The bed is grey.
  6. Would an 8 pound dog be comfortable in it? Answer: Yes. We have 5 pound and 8 pound dogs. They both use the bed during the day – it’s rather cute. The bed is light weight. At night they seem to like the beds with thicker bottom padding.
  7. Will My Dog Like It? Answer: My dog loves it! My dog enjoys it! Note: Not all dogs will like this pet bed. It’s determined by their sleeping style. If they like a cave and sleep in a semi-circular style, they should like it.
  8. Is this bed OK for big dogs? Answer: No, small dogs only.
  9. Is this bed big enough for a 12 lb. schnauzer? Answer: Yes
  10. How long does it take to arrive? Answer: Ordered it on January 2nd, and it arrived on January 22nd. The estimated date was February 17th. Some have received it in seven days. The best answer here is the shipping time will vary, but it is to arrive by the promised estimated arrival date.

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Shop for the shark pet bed by clicking on the image below. You will be taken directly to the ordering page where you have the option to choose the color from grey or blue and sizes 40x40x30 cm or 48x48x38 cm. You also have the option to select the dog house or shark pet beds blue or grey.

Note: The price for this product is subject to change without notice.

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