Orthopedic Bolster Dog Beds

Orthopedic Bolster Beds Help Ailing Dogs!

Big Barker Rectangular Orthopedic Dog Bed

Big Barker Rectangular Orthopedic Dog Bed


Bolster beds are great for many dogs with anxiety because they provide extra cushioning and support for their body. The edges also make them feel secure. This helps them to relax and sleep better. They have extra cushioning that fits around your pup’s body to support their spine, joints, and muscles.

The edges of these beds also provide comfort and security so older dogs can rest without having to toss and turn. Bolster dog beds help pets sleep better by giving them the luxury they need for a good night’s rest.

The bolster dog bed provide a raised edge that can make nervous dogs feel more secure while lying on it. This is a result from the pup’s evolutionary past, as wild animals often like to sleep up against something as it makes them feel protected from that direction. Bolster beds also help them to keep a bit warmer.

Where you place the bed be sure it is out of the way of heavy traffic and drafty areas.

Why Dogs Like Bolster Beds?

JMHUND Bolster Dog Bed Medium Dogs

JMHUND Bolster Dog Bed Medium Dogs

While it might seem like a modern luxury, the bolster actually appeals to a dog’s ancestral inclinations. Dogs are den animals; the raised back or border surrounding their sleeping space provides a sense of security that recalls a den in the wild, and the pillow also gives them a commanding view of their surroundings.

Bolster beds provide dogs that like to burrow or nest nooks is suited for this type of behavior. While the dog burrows or digs their beds to make a comfortable nest, these beds allow them to do just that.

Bolster dog beds have cushioned edges that allows your dog to put their head on it. This provides them support for their neck, hips, and back to align the neck and spine for a more restful night’s sleep.

There is another good reason it’s for arthritic older dogs that have bad joints and muscles which tend to prefer bolster beds because of the comfort it provides by the raised sides and back.

As you can see, the bolster bed is a good choice for most dogs.

Do Dogs Need A Bolster Bed?

Even though bolster dog beds are good for dogs, not all dogs like them. The biggest reason is their sleeping style. A dog that likes to stretch out on a flat surface will not like a bolster dog bed. You should not force your dog into a bed that makes him curl up and nest. This type of dog prefers a rectangular dog bed. What will happen is your dog will not want to sleep on this bed.

That is why it is very important for pet owners to know their dog’s sleeping preference before buying a dog bed. If you have a large dog breed, these beds can cost over $100. You don’t want to waste valuable money on a bed he won’t like or use.

Types of Dog Beds

We now turn our attention to the types of dog beds that pet owners have to choose from. Remember, the sleeping style of your dog will play an important role in determining which type bed is best for your dog. Regardless of which bed type you buy, it should be placed in an area that has little traffic and no drafts.

Bolster Dog Beds

Bolster dog beds feature what may resemble a couch arm-rest wrapped around a dog bed. These bolsters–sometimes called bumpers–allow dogs to prop their heads or simply cuddle and nest against them. They are the best for dogs who love to lounge and nest against something at night. These beds also provide security and support for some dogs.

Rectangle Dog Beds

Rectangle dog beds are your traditional, pillow style dog beds. They are flat on all sides, and are perfect for dogs who love to occupy a space from toe-to-toe or stretch out when resting. These beds come with no bolsters. This type comes in orthopedic and non-orthopedic options.

Round or Donut Dog Beds

Focuspet Donut Orthopedic Dog Bed Small Dogs

Focuspet Donut Orthopedic Dog Bed Small Dogs

Round dog beds are also known as donut beds. They are great for dogs who love to curl but no so much cuddle against a bolster. Similar to rectangle dog beds, they are flat on two sides, except now we’re dealing with diameter dimensions.

The best way to measure a dog for a round dog bed is to measure them from their nose to their rear. Understand, round dogs beds need to be large enough to contain a dog should they decide to lay out flat as well.

Cave Dog Beds

Snoozer Cozy Cuddler Cave Orthopedic Dog Bed Small Dogs

Snoozer Cozy Cuddler Cave Orthopedic Dog Bed Small Dogs

There are also cave dog beds. While these are not the most popular of the four, they are good for dogs that like to sleep under covers or bedding. These beds will suit dogs with very strong urges to den. If you own a dog that loves sleeping under bedding or inside a pile of your dirty laundry a cave dog bed would be a great choice for them.

Dog Bed Features

Next up are the features of dog beds. You will have to decide on which of the following features you want for your dog bed to have.

  • Orthopedic Dog Beds: Orthopedic memory foam dog beds are beneficial for dogs of any age and any size. They are especially beneficial for dogs ailing from arthritis or those recovering from surgery. Large breed dogs who are prone to hip dysplasia and other bone related diseases do best on memory foam support–as does any dog suffering from muscle skeletal problems. An orthopedic foam dog bed can help relieve your pet’s existing joint pain and help prevent other joint problems in the future, such as hip dysplasia and arthritis. Not only that, but after a good night’s sleep, dogs are more well-rested, energized, and ready for whatever the day might have in store for them. This type of bed is more expensive than the other bed options.
  • Convoluted Foam: This is the second most popular form of bedding in orthopedic dog beds. Not to be confused with memory foam, convoluted foam is a very open-cell foam used commonly as a base or topper. Convoluted-only beds do not make good orthopedic dog beds because they do not provide long-lasting support. Convoluted foam has a tendency to “bottom-out”, in that your pet sinks down to the bottom of the floor, in a matter of months of use. In short, this foam works best in conjunction with other bedding. You will be replacing this bed every few months.
  • Chew Resistant Beds: Some dogs just never learn to differentiate their toys from their bed. For those pesky chewing-dogs, there are chew-proof dog beds to end this horrible habit. These durable beds feature impenetrable fabrics and impeccable stitching so that dogs give up on their fight against their dog bed. The overall design of a chew-proof dog bed should make it difficult for a dog to grasp the idea of turning their bed into manageable pieces. Some manufactures provide a warranty for their chew-proof beds.
  • Stain-Resistant Beds: Stain-resistant features for a dog bed is great for dogs that tend to slobber all over the place. Fabrics which are stain-resistant have a very tight weave pattern and, or, dipped in safe liquids that form a protective-barrier. These beds keep odors and moisture from penetrating the filling and are easy to clean with a damp cloth or spot cleaning solution.
  • Eco-Friendly and Organic Dog Beds: With millions of consumers being more conscious about manufacturing practices and the environment, dog owners are now doing their part more than ever. Every style of dog bed imaginable is being manufactured from 100% post-consumer waste.
  • Durability: No matter how cool a dog bed may look sitting in in your living room area, you never want to sacrifice the functionality and durability of a dog bed over its presentation. We all want a dog bed to flow with our existing decor in our home, but understand dog beds are going to be functioning pieces in which dogs recharge and revitalize for the day ahead. Since you are spending money on a dog bed, you want them to last.
  • Washing and Care: Washing and caring for your dog’s bed will require meticulous attention–way more than you think. Dogs are no strangers to crawling insects and dirt; this eventually tracks onto everything they touch. If you’re going to invest in a good dog bed, you want every component to withstand machine washing and drying. The bed should feature some way of disassembling–should it be zippers or industrial Velcro to get the covers off–and constructed durable enough to withstand a handful of machine washes. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions that come with the bed on how to wash it.
  • Replacement Parts: If you’re going to be buying the best bed possible for your dog, you want to make sure replacement parts are readily available. Being able to order a replacement inner-pillow or cover is something to look into if you’re spending some good change because dogs will be dogs. Having an extra dog bed cover you can use while you are washing the dirty one isn’t a bad idea.
  • Don’t Buy Cheap: It is easy to buy just any old dog bed, but they just don’t last. There are manufacturers who make quality dog beds that can last for years at a time and some that last a lifetime. A quality dog bed can provide even level support and look great. Don’t settle for cheap, because you’ll be opening up your wallet in no time for a replacement bed. You can spend thousands of dollars in a dog’s lifetime replacing beat up dog beds. So, buy a bed that will last from manufacturer’s that make their beds with good materials and have long warranties.

Dogs Need Their Sleep

Enchanted Home Pet Snuggle Pet Sofa Bed, 26.5 by 16 by 16-Inch, Gray

Enchanted Home Pet Snuggle Pet Sofa Bed

The amount a dog sleeps will differ from breed to breed and dog to dog. Puppies and older dogs tend to sleep a lot more, while others not so much. Nonetheless, sleeping is a dog’s life. Dogs tend to sleep the majority of the day though their longest periods of sleep take place just as everyone around them goes to sleep.

A dog’s bed is literally an investment in your dog’s happiness and overall well-being, because no one loves sleeping on a hard floor and that also goes for your dog.

So, if you love your dog, and all dog owners do, get him a bed that he likes which will provide him comfort and support all throughout his lifetime.

A good bed will be healthy for him. The healthiest choice of beds you can choose are orthopedic beds. As they provide comfort to aching joints and muscles and help dogs that suffer from arthritis.


Dog beds are great for dogs as they will keep your pet off the cold hard floor when he rests and sleeps during the day. Don’t forget that dogs sleep and rest for the majority of the day. Be sure that their bed is placed out of the way of heavy traffic and drafty areas of the home.

When you go to buy a dog bed be sure you know some things first like your dog’s sleeping style, the bed features, and the bed type. When you know these, you can look for the best deal and know your dog will like it.

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