Big Barker Beds Are Best For Arthritis

Big Barker Beds Helps Relieve Pain!

Big Barker Headrest Orthopedic Bed Large Burgundy

Big Barker Headrest Orthopedic Bed Large Burgundy


Most dogs at some time may suffer from aching joints, muscles, or arthritis. Now you can choose an orthopedic dog bed from Big Barker that comes with a longer warranty. Even though these beds are expensive, they last long because of a 10-year warranty guarantee that the bed won’t flatten within ten years. If it does, they will replace the memory foam for free. What a deal!

Not all dogs will like the Big Barker dog beds, so the company has a 1-year risk free trial period. You can return the bed if your dog does not like the bed for any reason for a full refund within one year from the date of purchase.

Big Barker dog beds are known for accommodating large dogs that suffer from joint pain, hip dysplasia, muscle pain, and arthritis.

Big Barker Bed Features

Big Barker orthopedic dog beds are made from the finest materials which include:

  • Foam
  • Fabric
  • Zipper
  • Glue
  • Warranty
  • 1. Foam

Big Barker Memory Foam with Headrest

Big Barker Memory Foam with Headrest

The memory foam is American made and is CertiPUR-US certified. This means the materials used do not contain any harsh or toxic chemicals in the memory foam that are harmful to dogs and humans.

The bed has three layers of memory foam totaling 7-inches. Let’s look at the layers:

      • First Layer: It has a headrest that has contains 4-inches of foam on top of 2-inches of H10 comfort foam.
      • Second Layer: This is the stripe layer which contains 3-inches of H45 support foam. This helps to prevent your dog from sinking down to the floor.
      • Third Layer: This layer contains 2-inches of additional H10 comfort foam.
  • 2. Fabric

Big Barker Fabric

Big Barker Fabric

Some fabrics have an odor when you take the bed home. Here is a breakdown of the Big Barker fabric:

      • Must look great in your home. The fabric is made for expensive couches and upholstery. It is styled to look like a piece of beautiful furniture that earns compliments from your guests.
      • Must be machine washable. The Big Barker covers are easy to clean which means the bed will look and smell great. They use fabrics that do not shrink. You can wash the cover in cold temperatures over 1,000 times and it won’t shrink.
      • Must hold up well against digging and nesting. There strong microfiber covers score 100,000 or higher on the standard Wyzenbeek Abrasion Test. Just click on the link to learn more about this test. The bottom line here is the fabrics ability to withstand surface wear from rubbing.

Note: High quality household furniture only requires a score of 15,000. The microfiber cover is also waterproof.

  • 3. Zipper

Big Barker Zipper

Big Barker Zipper

Big Barker only uses zippers that are American made. There zippers are made in one of the oldest zipper factories in the country. Big Barker uses up to 150 inches of zipper because of the memory foam is large and thick. The zipper surrounds up to 75% of the entire bed. This allows you to quickly remove and replace the cover with ease.

  • 4. Glue

Big Barker Glue

Big Barker Glue

The glue that Big Barker uses is an American Made water-based latex glue. This glue is fully OSHA compliant to spray the glue without any masks or filtration. It is 100% safe to inhale and work with. It is safe for humans and dogs and work environments. Normal dog beds often use glues that are not safe. They require you to wear a breathing mask just to work with them. Then, those beds are taken into your home. Ouch!

  • 5. Warranty

Even though this is not a fabric feature, but it is very important to let potential buyers know the warranty policy of Big Barker dog beds.

Big Barker dog beds have a 10-year won’t flatten warranty. This guarantees the bed will not flatten and will retain up to 90% of its shape and the memory foam will be replaced free. The warranty does not cover damage that is caused by chewing.

They also have a 1-year risk free trial period. If for any reason your dog does not like the bed, you can return it for a full refund within the first year of purchase. Now, that is a warranty!

As you can see, Big Barker goes out of its way to provide only the best dog beds for large dog breeds that suffer from aching joints, muscles, and arthritis.

Sizes of Big Barker Dog Beds

The Big Barker dog beds comes in three sizes: large, extra-large and giant.

  • Large Dimensions: 48” x 30” x 7” (For Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Boxers, and other dogs under 25” tall)
  • Extra Large Dimensions: 52” x 36” x 7” (For any dog bigger than a Lab but smaller than a Great Dane)
  • Giant Dimensions: 60” x 48” x 7” (Designed for Great Danes)

Dog Bed Cost

The Big Barker are very expensive dog beds as they are made for large dog breeds. Because they come with a 10-year warranty, the average cost is very affordable. The average cost of Big Barker beds is shown below:

  • Large: $239.95 (Price at time of publish)
  • Extra-Large: $289.95 (Price at time of publish)
  • Giant: $399.95 (Price at time of publish)

The average bed cost breakdown is as follows:

  • Large Bed: $23.90 per year
  • Extra-Large Bed: $29.00 per year
  • Giant Bed: $40.00 per year.

Note: Even though you have a higher out of pocket expense the first year, over 10 years it very affordable as you won’t be purchasing another dog bed. If the bed does not last 10 years, the warranty covers the cost.

Why Big Barker Offers Relief

We will share some clinical evidence of a “Pilot Study to Evaluate the Big Barker Therapeutic Mattress in Dogs with Osteoarthritis” as performed by the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine. There 3-year study that was published in 2020 mentioned that the Big Barker dog beds change lives. They used 3-year-old dogs weighing 70 pounds or more in the study. Their findings included the following:

  • 17.6% Improvement in joint function
  • 21.6% Reduction in pain severity
  • 12.5% Reduction in joint stiffness
  • 9.6% Improvement in gait
  • 15.1% Improvement to quality of life

Owners of these dogs reported dogs had at least a 13% decrease in night-time activity and 25% of dogs had at least a 33% decrease, suggesting improved nighttime restfulness.

What Is Unique with Big Barker Mattresses

Let’s review the uniqueness of the Big Barker dog beds.

  • Easy to Clean: The cover is waterproof and is easy to clean using cold water. It will not shrink even through lots of washings. The zipper used makes is easy to remove the cover for washing.
  • Durable Covers: The microfiber cover is durable and will hold up against your dog’s digging behavior.
  • No Out Gassing: They use better ingredients and take better care of their foam than their competitors. The Big Barker dog beds will not emit a nasty chemical smell that can irritate skin, nose, and eyes of both dogs and humans.
  • Waterproof Liner: The liner is made from the same soft, quiet material used in hospital-grade mattresses. It is also machine washable as mentioned earlier.
  • Stays Cool: The open cell foam allows air to move freely through the bed. This helps to keep your pet cool on those hot days.

Big Barker dog beds have their memory foam made exclusively in the United States and not in China. The memory foam in China is not CertiPUR-US certified and cheaper and may contain toxic chemicals which are harmful to both dogs and humans.

What Do Vets Say About Big Barker Dog Beds

We will now share what some vets have to say about Big Barker dog beds.

Dr. Marcus Dela Cruz, DVM, Sacramento, CA says the following about Big Barker beds: “Big Barker is the only dog bed brand I’ve come across that is backed by science. All around, Big Barker is an awesome company offering a superior dog bed.

Dr. David Levine in Chattanooga, TN says: “We are currently using a Big Barker for a large, paralyzed Doberman – he loves it, and it is easy to clean! We have used it every day, but today’s use was special at it is in our ICU!

Dr. Hannah Capon, DVM from Cornwall, UK says: “I’ve used the Big Barker for many years, It is my utter favorite bed on the market. The quality is obscene. It does exactly what it says it does.

Dr. Julie McKinney Miller, LPT from Virgin Islands says: “I’ve been a physical therapist specializing in treating dogs for over 20 years and the Big Barker beds are by far the best dog beds I have ever experienced.

Dr. Kim Bowers, DVM from Drexel, PA says: ““I’ve been a veterinarian for 20 years, and I’ve never found a better bed or better product than the Big Barker… I have found this bed to be amazing. Not only is my own dog happy, but I can’t get him off this bed!”


The Big Barker dog bed does exactly as advertised. Don’t have to take my word for it, but other veterinarians have also spoken out concerning this bed.

The biggest plus for this bed is the 10-year not to flatten warranty and the 1-year risk free trial period to return the bed if your dog does not like it. This just outshines other brands as they have shorter warranties.

The only downside to this bed is the cost. Remember, you will be using this bed for 10 years. So, the cost per year is only one tenth of the total.

These beds are great for large dog breeds especially if they suffer from arthritis or aching muscles. At some point in time, most large dogs will suffer from joint pain. An orthopedic dog bed can help relieve this pain.

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