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Sedioso Large Stuffed Dog Toys

Sedioso Large Stuffed Dog Toys


The best training toys are those that your puppy or dog likes and its toy sized appropriate. It will keep them satisfied and playing with it for hours. It is important that you get toys your pet will enjoy and also be challenging to stimulate him. When you first bring home your puppy or older dog, you need to find a toy that they like.

Dog training toys can encourage positive behavior and reduce stress in dogs and reduce his potential in chewing up couch covers and shoes or other things around the house.

Since there are many types of dog breeds, each dog will have a different preference about the texture and function of the toy they play with. You may want to take your dog with you to the pet store and have him select out the toy or toys they like.

There are many types of dog toys from treat dispensing to chew rings and teaser toys. It is highly recommended to have more than one type of toy so you can vary his play with them.

Treat Dispensing Toys

KONG Classic Red Dog Toy

KONG Classic Red Dog Toy

If your dog is a chewer or not, you just might want to consider using treat dispensing toy for him to play with. One of the best treat dispensing toys on the market today are the Kong’s. The KONG Classic Toy is one that can be stuffed with kibble, frozen treats, biscuits, peanut butter or a combination. The KONG toy comes in three sizes so you should find one for your dog size.

Some of the benefits of the KONG toy are:

  • Prevents barking and digging.
  • Great for occupying teething puppies.
  • Delivers mental stimulation.
  • Helps promote clean teeth, control plaque and remove food particles.
  • Minimize destructive behavior due to boredom.

What is nice about this toy is allows your pet to focus on how to get the treats out. He will be occupied for hours in trying to get them out and when he does, he gets rewarded.

KONG dispensing color toy types:

  • Red = This is known as the KONG Classic and is made with red rubber for average chewers.
  • Baby Blue/Pink = This is known as KONG Puppy and is made for teething puppies.
  • Purple = This is known as the KONG Senior, it is made with gentle durable rubber formulated for aging teeth.
  • Black = Known as KONG Extreme, it’s made with the most durable plastic and toughest rubber for the strongest chewers.
  • Blue = Known as KONG Blue, it’s a variation of the KONG Extreme and is only available through veterinarians.

Tip: When using this toy, you must fill it with his favorite treats which is the key to success. If you just give him this toy without treats, he will lose interest in playing with it very quickly. Thus, defeating the purpose of this toy.

The Best Chew Toy For Aggressive Chewers

Monster K9 Ring Dog Toy

Monster K9 Black Ring Dog Toy

We can highly recommend the Monster K9 Ultra Durable Chew Ring. It is designed to be virtually indestructible against the most aggressive chewing dogs. The company that makes this toy offers a lifetime guarantee. If at any time your dog should destroy the toy by chewing through it, they will offer you the choice of a onetime replacement or refund.

The toy is made with non-toxic materials and is great for teething puppies. The toy is great for playing fetch, tug-o-war or just leaving it with your dog to play with.

The Best Plush Toy For Training

Sedioso Large Stuffed Dog Toys

Sedioso Large Stuffed Dog Toys

The Sedioso Plush Toy is another great toy that has a squeaker and is made with soft cotton that helps protect your pet’s gums. The squeaker will keep your dog engaged and interested.

These toys come in multiple types like a fox, eagle, or hippo and feature rope legs. Which makes this toy great for tug-o-war and playing fetch games.

The Best Tug Toy For Lager Dog Breeds

GoughNuts Dog Toy

GoughNuts Black Dog Toy

The GoughNuts Tug Dog Toy is one you might consider for your powerful chewer. This toys is excellent for the tug-o-war game or fetch. It is made with sturdy rubber so dogs have difficulty in chewing off pieces of the toy.

The toy features a double ring so your hands stay separated from your dog’s mouth. This will allow you to get deep into play with your dog without the fear of damage or danger.

This toy offers another feature in it floats, so you can play around a pool or any other body of water without fear of losing it.

The company that makes this toy offers a lifetime guarantee. If your dog should manage to damage the toy at any time, they will replace it for free.

The Best Fetch Toy

Chuckit Ball and Launcher

Chuckit Ball and Launcher

Most dog owners know that their dog’s like to play fetch as it gives them exercise and fun to boot. They love chasing tennis balls. A great way to play fetch is using the Chuck It Ultra Ball. Now, you can take fetch to the next level.

The Chuck It ball is made from high-quality, durable rubber. It will make it last longer than the tennis ball. It also has a thick rubber core that your dog isn’t likely to chew through it. The ball comes in different sizes so your dog can pick it up using his mouth. Be sure to size the ball to your dog’s mouth to get the correct size.

You can get this Chuck It ball that comes with a launcher, which will allow you to launch the ball farther and with control. With its bright surface color means it will not be easily blended into the yard, garden or dog park. As it will stand out to be easily retrieved by your dog.

You can even play fetch with the Chuck Ball by water because it floats. So, your dog can easily retrieve it in the water.

Now, you can have fun playing fetch with your dog anywhere

Questions To Ask When Buying A Dog Toy

Because there are so many different types of dog toys, as the pet parent you need to know which one is best for your dog. You can ask yourself any or all of the following questions before making a purchase:

  • Is the toy size appropriate for your dog?
  • Will the toy assist and help you with the type of training you are going to do?
  • Does the toy fit within your budget?
  • Is the toy easy to clean?

Before purchasing a dog toy, you can read what other dog owners have said about it to get a view of their experience with it. Going on Amazon or the manufactures website can help you read what others are saying about the toy.


It is important that your dog gets interactive dog training which dog training toys helps keeping him engaged, healthy, and stimulated.

You can choose from different types of toys for your dog. We shared some toys that are great for tug-o-war and fetching. Of course, you can’t forget the toy that brings dogs some challenge is the KONG Classic. You can insert his favorite treat, kibble, and frozen treats to keep him busy for hours trying to get those treats out of the toy.

You also must know if your dog is an aggressive chewer or not. Knowing this, will result in you purchasing the right toy for your dog.

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