What Is The Best Dog Bed For Large Dogs

Big Barker Large Dog Bed

Big Barker Large Dog Bed

Large Dog Beds Provides Comfort  

Great Styles and Colors Enhance Best Selling Large Dog Beds

Dog Beds Keeps Your Furry Friend Cozy!

The Four Best Selling Large Dog Bed Brands

1. Big Barker Orthopedic Large Dog Bed
2. Friends Forever Orthopedic Large Dog Bed
3. Pet Fusion Large Dog Bed
4. The Dog Balls (The Dog’s Bed) Orthopedic Large Dog Bed

Review of The Four Best Large Dog Beds

Below are the four best large dog beds that will provide your pet with comfort and less joint pain. Enjoy!

Big Barker Dog Beds – Our #1 Recommended Large Dog Bed

The reason for this being our #1 recommendation is that the company provides a 10-year warranty on the bed that if the bed loses more than 10% of its memory foam, they will replace it for free.

  • 10-Year warranty or your money back if not satisfied.
  • Great bed for large dogs and extra-large dog breeds.
  • Won’t flatten as it’s made with 7-inches of the highest quality therapeutic foam on the market.
  • Comes with a head rest.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Easy to clean with the 100% microfiber zippered water resistant cover.
  • Retains 90% of its shape for ten years or it’s replaced free.
  • Can hold up to 300 lbs. of dog.
  • Very expensive bed.
  • Some assembly is required.
Friends Forever – #2 Choice Large Dog Bed

Below are the pros and cons about this dog bed.

  • Water Resistant Liner
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Cushioned polyester fill
  • Contains 3.5 inches of memory foam
  • Price
  • Requires 12 hours for the memory foam to recover.
  • Some assembly is required.
Better World Pets – #3 Choice Large Dog Beds

  • Made in the USA.
  • 1-Year money back guarantee.
  • Durable removable waterproof lining zipper cover.
  • 100% memory foam that’s 5 inches thick.
  • Maximum weight up to 150 lbs.
  • Cover is machine washable.
  • May have to air it out before use.
  • Some assembly is required.
Petfusion Ultimate – #4 Choice Large Dog Beds
  • Removable outer liner is machine washable.
  • 6 inches of solid memory foam on XXLarge bed.
  • Waterproof inner white liner.
  • Non-Skid bottom.
  • Can hold up to 200 lbs.
  • Price.
  • Takes 3 days for odor to dissipate.
  • Assembly is required.

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Table of Contents

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The Purpose Of A Dog Bed
Benefits Of Dog Beds
Dog Sleeping Styles
Factors To Consider When Shopping For A Dog Bed
Additional Factors
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Pet owners have to make some very important decisions when it comes in choosing a bed that is best for their pet. The “what is the best dog bed for large dogs” article will provide some choice selections of beds for large dogs. A well-rested dog is healthier and happier one and should have a longer life.

As a pet owner it is your duty to see that they are safe, comfortable and have a good quality dog bed and a space that is all their own.

If your dog has not completed his teething yet, you may want to delay in buying a bed that is expensive so he will not chew it up. After teething, you can consider purchasing a good bed for him. Also, during this period, you should become familiar with your dog’s sleeping style through observation. A pet’s sleeping style will play an important role in your large dog bed selection.

With so many choices such as colors, sizes, patterns and shapes knowing your pets sleeping style will help you with this decision.

The average dog sleeps an average of 12 to 13 hours per day and puppies will sleep even more. So, it’s important to choose the proper bed for your dog.

Below we mention some benefits and factors to consider before purchasing a bed for your dog.

The Purpose Of A Dog Bed

Most pet owners should know the main purpose of a dog bed is to provide a safe and comfortable place where he can call his own. Dogs like to mark their territory and a dog bed helps dogs do just that.

When selecting his sleeping  area, be sure it’s out of the way of heavy traffic areas, but in the room where you are most of the time until you go to bed.

Another purpose of a dog bed is to keep your pet from sleeping on the couch, or sofa and your bed as they shed hair and you will need to clean it. It is very tempting to keep your puppy or dog in your bed. However, it is even better for them to have a bed they can claim as their own.

In long run, it is best for them to have their own bed as it will be for your comfort and privacy as well.

Benefits of Dog Beds

Besides being a good way in keeping your pet off the cold floor, there are some other great benefits your pet can receive with a dog bed. Below are some of them.

It is good for his health.

When your pet sleeps on the floor it can make them uncomfortable as they try to get into a sleeping position within the space allotted to him. Over time, this can be harmful to your dog’s health. As dogs age, they can get arthritis and sore joints and muscles. Having a nice comfortable bed is the help they need for a good night’s sleep.

Keeps him comfortable regardless of the weather.

Dogs need to be comfortable regardless of the weather in winter or summer. Beds will insulate the floor to keep him warm in winter and cooler during the summer. The proper bed will also be good for his health so that he won’t get sick as dogs are susceptible to temperature changes. In areas that have extreme weather conditions, you might want to consider temperature-controlling beds. In colder regions, a self-warming bed will do fine. In those hotter regions, a bed that offers cooling will keep him cooler and less risk of overheating.

Helps to preserve your furniture.

Pets have no idea how expensive your rugs and furniture are. They like to snuggle up to most anything and will leave behind their fur so you know they have been there. You can preserve your furniture by purchasing his own bed. Now, when he sheds his fur it will be on his own bed which will clean up very easily. Also, having his own bed will prevent accidents from happening on your expensive furniture as well.

Dogs need their own space.

Just like humans, dogs also need their own space to call their own. This area is where they feel safe and comfortable. As you may know dogs sleep about 12 hours per day and having a spot that is accessible to them is important. It allows them to rest whenever they want and be in their cozy space. Be sure that the place selected for him to sleep is out of the heavy traffic areas. Dogs like to mark their territory and having their own space will provide that to them.

Provides comfortable sleep for both pet and owner.

The fifth and final benefit of dog beds is that they provide sleep for both the pet and the owner. Some of pets like to sleep with their owners in their bed and while this may seem nice after a while it can be annoying. During the night your pet may twitch and turn, butting you with a limb, or snuggling with their wet nose. This can disrupt even the deepest of sleepers. By providing his own bed, you can also eliminate those dog hairs being in your bed and have a peaceful night of sleep.

Dog Sleeping Styles

Another important factor in determining which large dog bed to get is knowing the sleeping position or style of your pet. If you don’t know your pet’s sleeping style it will require you to observe your dog when he’s sleeping. Once you know your pet’s sleeping style, you can get a bed that is best for him.

In the event you may not know your pet’s sleeping position we have provided the most common ones below.

On Their Side

One form of sleeping style is lying on their side with their legs stretched out away from them. You should notice this style very easily and purchase a bed with enough width that will accommodate this style.

On Their Stomachs

Another sleeping style of dogs is sleeping on their stomachs with their legs stretched out behind them. A bed for this position requires enough length to accommodate this sleeping style.

Curled Up

Some dogs prefer to curl up into a semi-circle when they sleep. This sleeping style requires less space than the first two sleeping styles mentioned above.

Sleeping On Their Back

Some dog’s like to sleep on their back with their legs up in the air. This is an easy sleeping style to observe. Be sure to accommodate this style with sufficient length bed.

Additional Tip

Some dogs may change their sleeping style during different seasons of the year. Be observant. If this is the case with your pet, you will need to buy a bed that will accommodate all sleeping styles your pet uses at different times of the year.

Factors To Consider When Shopping For A Bed

As dog owners go about shopping for a dog bed they should consider some factors to assist them in this important decision. A few of these factors are mentioned below.

1). Bed style Look for a style that will accommodate the needs of the dog and his breed. Some are round, rectangle, and elevated like couches.

2). His size The size of your dog will determine the proper size bed to purchase whether he is a puppy or an adult dog.

3). His age As your pet ages they may gain some weight and the bed selected should hold up to this change as they age.

4). His temperament Do you have a digger? Do you have a chewer? These issues must be considered when purchasing a bed. You may have to train your dog in minimizing these behaviors. Bad excessive chewers can rip open any bed. Large dog beds are expensive so have his chewing under control is important.

5). His sleeping style His sleeping style will play a role in selecting the proper beg for your dog.

6). Location The location of the bed is important in selecting a large dog bed. You will need to know if the space available will fit the size of the bed selected. You may have to make some changes.

Additional Factors

Below are some additional factors to consider when looking for a large dog bed.

The Bedding Material

The bedding material that the bed is made and stuffed with is very important as it must hold its shape and weight of your dog. Over time, this material can lose some of its shape and will sag to the floor defeating the purpose of the bed in the first place.

Look for material that will hold up to the weight of your dog not only initially, but also during his life span.

Next, look at the material and be sure that it repels moisture or any liquids and is water resistant. Dogs may have an accident from time to time and you will need to clean it. Be sure that it is washable. Dogs do not like to sleep on beds that are dirty or smelly.

Last, be sure that the material used does not contain any odors or is toxic as this can be very damaging to your pets overall health.

Some memory foam beds require pet owners to “air it out” before having your pet sleep on it. In some cases, it could take up to 3 days to air out.

Cost Considerations

It is very tempting to let the price dictate whether to buy the bed or not. Do not let the price be the main consideration on your purchase. Your selection should be about the quality of the material that the bed is made of that should be your main concern. The bed should be comfortable, fit to his sleeping style, and hold up during his lifetime.

The prices of beds are very reasonable today and with so many choices and styles to select from you should be able to find one that fits within your budget.

In the final analysis, it’s your pet’s health that should be considered in making the final choice.

Some manufactures offer warranties that will replace beds that do not hold up to their promises. Be sure to check out the warranty provisions before purchasing.

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