Clicker Training To Stop Dog Barking

Stop Unwanted Dog Behaviors With A Clicker!

Dog Training Clickers

Dog Training Clickers


Dog owners can use clicker training to stop unwanted dog behaviors. It provides positive reinforcement when the dog performs the proper behavior. Using this method helps dogs to understand the specific behavior and gets rewarded for doing it. It is a great way for owner and pet to bond together.

A dog learns to change his behavior with rewards based training. Dogs will repeat a behavior when they are rewarded for it. Basically, you are giving your dog a treat when they obey a specific command given to them.

A clicker is a great way to assist you in dog behavioral training. Dogs will easily associate the clicking sound with a reward. Which means every time they hear the clicking sound they get rewarded with a treat. You can also give your dog verbal praise every time he does the correct behavior.

Why Clicker Training?

Easy Training Using A Clicker

Easy Training Using A Clicker

This is an excellent way to teach your dog a new behavior or command and marking them the moment they perform them with a click sound. Dogs learn to understand what they did to earn a treat. This will make them more willing to continue the behavior through positive reinforcement.

When you click at the right time, this “marks” the moment your dog did the correct behavior. This takes away the guessing and tells your dog what they precisely did correctly.

How To Use Clicker Training

As you prepare for clicking training, be sure to have a clicker and use small treats your dog likes so they don’t over eat the treats during the training sessions.

You can train your dog indoors or outdoors. However, it is best that you start training your dog indoors so he won’t get distracted by people or other dogs in the area.

  1. When using the clicker, it is important to click the clicker when your dog performs the correct behavior. This marks the dog’s behavior. As soon as the dog performs the correct behavior, press the clicker and give your dog a treat. He will soon understand that doing something you like he gets rewarded for it.
  2. Try to keep the sessions short, but be consistent. It is important to set aside time each day to work with your dog. Doing this will help ensure quicker results. Some dogs may take longer to learn a specific behavior. Remain consistent and continue the training sessions. Eventually your dog will learn to do the behavior. At that point, you can teach them another command or behavior to stop.
  3. Remember, only click when they do the specific behavior and reward them with a treat. Eventually, you can reduce the time between clicking and rewarding them with a treat.
  4. When teaching a new skill, behavior, or command, don’t wait until the entire behavior is completed. Click and reward when they show the proper movement. Clicking and treat rewarding for small movements towards the behavior goal can help your dog to learn what is expected of them.
  5. Wherever you go, or doing, don’t forget to carry the clicker and treats with you to help mark good behavior. You may miss some behaviors, but be prepared to mark and reward will help your dog to learn faster the ones you see him doing.
  6. One thing you should not do is to scold your pet. Clicker training is for positive reinforcement and not averse methods. The bottom line here is for the training sessions to be a happy time for the both of you and a time of learning new behaviors for your dog.
  7. Some training sessions should be outside. Always keep these sessions short. You may need to practice in different environments. There are many distractions of the outside world with noises and strong odors your dog will smell. Once they have mastered a behavior inside, take them outside so they can learn it there as well.
  8. Your pet may regress when you take him outside. It’s common for dogs to get distracted and have some difficulty learning at first in a new environment. You may need a little more patience.

How Long Do I Use A Clicker?

Training Clicker

Training Clicker

Remember, the clicker is only a tool in teaching your dog new behaviors or commands. Eventually, your dog will no longer need to be prompted with a click and a treat.

Once your dog has mastered and learned the basic commands and skills, you can begin to use the clicker for more complicated behaviors. These may include, teaching your dog to “come” at a greater distance and how to walk on a leash.

When training a new behavior like leash training, start indoors first. Click and reward them when they don’t try to pull you.

As long as you are training your dog a new command or teaching them a new behavior, you will continue using the clicker. After they have mastered them, the clicker will no longer be needed. We do recommend to keep the clicker close at hand in case you need to train your dog on new behaviors as they get older.

When Should I Begin To Use The Clicker?

This is a basic question most dog owners need to know. The earlier you start the better. You can begin this training at any age. Start puppies as soon as possible. Puppies will learn quickly to do the new behavior. This will help you so they don’t develop any bad behaviors later.

The same is true for older dogs. They can learn new behaviors. It just may take more time and patience on your part.

Can You Use A Clicker With No Treats?

Dog Training Clickers With Treat Pouch

Dog Training Clickers With Treat Pouch

It is highly recommended that you should use treats with the clicker in the training sessions. Treats can help incentivize your pet to perform the right behavior. There are a very few dogs that may not be motivated by food treats. Some other methods would be verbal praise, toys or play. However, most dogs are motivated by food. If you need some good treats try using turkey, cheese or even cut-up hotdogs for a change of pace.


When it comes to training dogs, owners need patience, time, and good treats. You can train your dog to do any behavior and stop the bad ones.

Clicker training helps all pet parents to teach their pets good behaviors. It also is a great way to use positive reinforcement in dog training which helps them to obey.

Another benefit of clicker training is it helps modifies pet behavior and reduce anxiety and improve their quality of life.

Some dog breeds may need some extra help when it comes to behavioral training.

When you go on walks always take your clicker with your and his favorite treats. In this way, you can be ready to reward your dog when he does the good behavior.

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