How Not To Choose A Dog Bed

Factors Pet Parents Overlook When Buying A Bed!

Big Barker Sofa Dog Bed

Big Barker Sofa Dog Bed


How not to choose a dog bed will provide some factors to consider when buying a dog bed that pet parents should not overlook. All dogs deserve a comfortable bed. When new dog owners go shopping for a dog bed, it is quite easy to forget or even neglect some important factors that dog beds play in the decision you make.

Choosing the right dog bed is essential for your furry friend’s comfort, support, and over well-being. With a wide array of options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to make the best choice on a dog bed. It is equally important to know what not to do when selecting a dog bed.

Sleep is one of the most crucial factors impacting your dog’s health and well-being. Dogs sleep for 12-14 hours each day. They sleep for about 8 hours at night when you’re asleep and sleep some more during the day when you’re away. Dogs spend a little more than half of their lives on dog beds during their short life span compared to us humans!

In this article, we will explore some common mistakes to avoid to ensure your dog’s happiness and contentment when it comes to their sleeping arrangements.

Neglecting Proper Size and Fit Of The Bed

Dog Luxury Beds Dogs We have a Different Dog Bed Types For Different Dog Needs

Different Types of Dog Beds

This is one of the most common mistakes dog parents make is disregarding the size and fit of the bed. A bed that is too small will restrict your dog’s movement and cause him discomfort, while an oversized bed may not provide the desired level of coziness. Before going out and selecting a bed, take measurements of your dog, including their length and width when they are fully stretched out. Then, choose a bed that allows them ample space to curl up or stretch comfortably.

Neglecting His Size When Full Grown

Kroser Donut Dog Bed Medium Dogs

Kroser Donut Dog Bed Medium Dogs

If you have a puppy, it is easy to select a dog bed for him. However, pet parents may overlook one important factor, what will be his size as a full grown dog. Buying a dog bed based on his puppy size will mean is less than a year, he will have outgrown the bed and you will need to replace it.

When shopping for a bed it will be important to know what his adult size will be when full grown. You may have to ask your vet for this information. Don’t overlook his weight as a full grown dog. Buying a bed that has your pet sinking to the floor because of his weight will also be bad and a waste of money.

Ignoring Your Dog’s Sleeping Style

Sleeping Styles - On The Tummy Sleeper

On The Tummy Sleeper

Just like humans, dogs have various sleeping styles. Some dogs prefer to curl up on a tight ball, while other like to stretch out or sleep on their backs. To find out your dog’s sleeping style you will need to observe how he sleeps and what his preferred sleeping position is so you can choose the right type of bed. For instance, dogs that enjoy nesting may appreciate a bed with bolsters or sides, while dogs that sprawl out may prefer a flat mattress-style bed.

It is vital that you match the bed to your pet’s sleeping style. Otherwise, you will be replacing the bed for the one that does match his style.

You Didn’t Choose The Right Shape of Bed

Crate Dog Pad

Crate Dog Pad

This goes along with what was said in the ignoring your dog’s sleeping style above. By knowing your dog’s sleeping style, you can match the correct size and shape of dog bed. For the dogs always sleeping as a curled-up ball, the round-shaped bed is the right choice. And for the dogs who sleep on either of their sides with all legs stretched a flatbed is the correct choice.

Some dogs like to rest their head on a pillow-like bump on the couch. There are such dog beds available too. If your dog is too small, the shape doesn’t matter much. However, the size does.

When the bed is too small, your dog’s sleep will be interrupted by the discomfort caused by the bed’s small size. So when you buy a dog bed, don’t underestimate the importance of this factor. Many pet parents choose a bed that’s easy on their budget looks fancy and fits in the spot dedicated to sleeping while ignoring the size!

Overlooking the Importance of Support

How To Buy A Dog Bed Four Characteristics Height Support Cushioning Cover

Dog Bed Four Characteristics Height Support Cushioning Cover

Support is crucial for a dog bed, especially for older dogs or those with joint and muscles issues. A bed that lacks proper support can lead to discomfort, muscle stiffness, and exacerbate existing conditions. Look for beds with orthopedic features, memory foam, or cushioning that provides adequate support for your dog’s body. It will help alleviate pressure points and promote better sleep quality.

Orthopedic dog beds are more expensive than the others. So, it is very important to match your dog’s bed with his condition.

Neglecting Durability and Quality

Investing in a durable and high-quality dog bed is essential to ensure it stands the test of time. Avoid choosing beds made from low-quality materials that may wear out quickly or become lumpy and uncomfortable. Opt for beds with sturdy fabrics that are resistant to chewing, scratching, and accidents. Additionally, consider beds that have removable covers that are machine-washable for easy cleaning.

Putting Price Over Other Factors

This is so easy to do. Some pet parents may have a limited budget for dog upkeep and expenses. This is true for purchasing a dog bed. The price depends on the functions, quality, and brand of the bed. The bed, which is expensive or cheap, does not provide a comfortable experience, is a wrong buy. Remember, the purpose of a dog bed is one that provides your dog the most comfort as he will be in this bed for 12-14 hours a day. If the bed is inferior it only means that you will need another one very soon, which will cost you much more in the end.

Failing to Consider Your Dog’s Age and Health

The age and health of your dog should also influence your choice of a dog bed. Puppies may have different needs compared to adult or senior dogs. Puppies require beds that are easy to clean and resistant to chewing. While older dogs may benefit from beds that provide extra joint support and are easier to access, like beds with lower sides or have orthopedic features.

Some pet parents get too soft dog beds for their senior dogs or dogs with bone and joint issues, thinking it will be pretty relieving. But it’s the other way around. Such beds are bad for a dog’s joints. Too soft dog beds put tremendous pressure on their joints to get in and out of bed.

Has your dog been diagnosed with any bone or joint disease? If yes, do not overlook this. In conclusion, if your dog should have medical conditions it may require for you to consider that when choosing a dog bed. Your vet can be of help here.

Some pet parents think getting a soft bed for their senior dog or dogs with bone and joint issues is relieving and comfortable. However, it is not. Such beds are bad for dog’s joints. A dog bed that is too soft puts tremendous pressure on the joints when getting in and out of the bed.

Did Not Consider A Dog’s Chewing Habit

Some dogs are tough chewers and diggers. It makes no difference whether bowls, beds, or toys, aggressive chewers do not spare anything around the house. This plays a role in the bed selection. You need to look for beds that are indestructible or chew-proof. Otherwise, you will be buying a replacement bed in no time.

Not all chew-proof beds are indestructible against tough chewers. There are some dogs besides being a chewer they are also a digger. They will scratch anything and even their bed.

There are some brands of dog beds that have warranties against such dogs. Note: Some dog breeds are more inclined to digging and chewing than others.

Disregarding Climate and Temperature

This is another important factor not to neglect is the climate and temperature where you live. Climate plays a significant role in determining the comfort of your dog’s bed. If you live in a colder region, consider beds with additional insulation or heated features to your dog warm. Self-warming beds are a great option to choose. If you live in warmer climates, choose beds made from breathable materials that allow for proper air circulation. Avoid beds that retain heat and may cause discomfort or overheating.

Relying Solely on Appearance

While it is tempting to choose a dog bed based as aesthetics, it should not be the sole factor. Your dog’s comfort and needs should take priority over the bed’s appearance. Remember that dogs can’t tell you if they find a bed comfortable or not, so make practical choices that prioritize their well-being and health over style anytime.

You Ignored Easy Cleaning

Depending upon the breed and size of your dog, it can be daunting to wash a bed, except it’s the first time you’re buying a dog bed. A dog gets real dirty, and so does his bed. Moreover, a dog brings dirty stuff to their bed, including mud, dust, microorganisms, poop, and pee particles!

So, cleaning his bed will become a regular routine. This is because of hygienic reasons. You will need to consider that the cover is removable, washable, the material and everything else. Before buying a dog bed, don’t overlook its wash ability. You will be glad you did.


Choosing the right dog bed is crucial for your pet’s comfort and overall health. By avoiding the common mistakes already mentioned such as neglecting size and fit, ignoring your dog’s sleeping style, overlooking support and durability, failing to consider age and health, disregarding climate and temperature, and relying solely on appearance, you can ensure that your furry friend has a cozy and comfortable place to sleep and rest.

Just take the time to do research and invest in a high-quality dog bed that meets your dog’s specific needs which includes his health. This will provide your furry friend with a safe haven where they can enjoy a peaceful rest that is out of the way of heavy traffic areas in the home.

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