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Dogs suffer just like we humans do when it comes to aching muscles. Orthopedic dog beds eases the pain of their aching muscles and joints and provides comfort. The purpose of quick shop orthopedic dog beds made in USA is to provide to dog owners the beds they can take home and not worry if they contain any toxic materials that may harm their dog.

Some companies use memory foam materials for their orthopedic dog beds that contain harmful toxins that are not healthful for dogs and humans. The reason is the materials are cheaper and all these companies worry about is their take home profit and not the health of animals.

You can check out our article on orthopedic bolster dog beds. There you will find great dog bed brands made and not made in the USA.

All of the dog bed brands on this page are made in the USA. You can be sure that the bed you purchase whether large or small are made with quality memory foam materials that are not toxic.

What To Look For 

When looking for a orthopedic dog bed you must remember some basic rules. They are:

  • Dog’s Sleeping Style
  • His Breed
  • His Age & Health
  • Habits
  • Beds Location
  • Warranties
  • Bed Sizes & Colors
  • Materials

Orthopedic dog beds are excellent for all dogs regardless of their age.

Dog’s sleeping style. Adult dogs on average will sleep up to 14 hours per day. Puppies on the other hand will sleep on average from 18 to 20 hours a day. So, selecting the best bed for him is a must, since he will be in it most of the day. Since your canine will be in his bed many hours you should be able to observe how he sleeps. Based on your observations, select a bed that best matches his sleeping style. Dogs sleep in the following styles: nester, cuddler, stretcher, on his stomach and his back. When trying to find a dog bed, every dog owner knows that one size does not fit all. Different breeds of dogs have different needs as do puppies and senior dogs.

His breed. The breed of dog you have will play an important factor in selecting the proper dog bed. Some breeds are more aggressive, and get very big, while others stay small. A proper bed will allow your pet to spread out without having parts of his body on the floor.

His age and health. If your dog is a puppy, they will grow into adult dogs. So, when you buy a dog bed for them you should get one that hey can grow into. This will save you money in not having to purchase a bed when he reaches adulthood. Ask your vet what size he will be when fully grown and purchase a bed based on that information. If your dog is fully grown you can purchase a dog bed to fit him. When measuring dog bed sizes, add 5 inches to the width and 5 inches to the length.

His health will play a role in selecting an orthopedic dog bed. Orthopedic beds are the best choice for dogs suffering from health conditions. As dogs age they are subject to aching muscles and joints, arthritis, and hip dysplasia. Providing your pet comfort as they get into their senior years very helpful.

Dog’s habits. Your dog’s habits will also play a factor in selecting the proper bed. Some dogs are aggressive chewers. Aggressive chewing dogs require dog beds that are chew proof. Look for brands that state in the description their beds are chew proof and provide a chew proof guarantee. Beds for this habit are limited and will cost a little more.

Some dogs have separation anxiety. You may need to consider using a crate until he is trained. He may have a difficult time in staying in his bed until you come home.

Remember, your pets habits are important to know in the proper dog bed selection.

Beds location. Where you place the dog bed is very important. Place the bed that is out of the way of heavy traffic areas. A place where he is part of the family and not alone. The bed should fit in the area selected. If you should have a large dog, some beds will take up a lot of space. Measure the space first and find a bed that will fit into that space.

  • Look for a warm spot. Don’t place the bed in front of a drafty window.
  • Find an area where is quiet, secure and out of heavy traffic areas.
  • A place where most of the family gathers together.
  • Do not place the dog’s bed in your bedroom. He should have is own area to sleep.
  • Be prepared to train your dog to accept the bed as some may reject sleeping in the bed at first.
  • Get a bed that fits the spot where it will be placed and take into account his size.

Warranties. When purchasing a dog bed, look to see if a warranty comes with the purchase. Good dog bed brands will offer some warranty of their product.

Bed sizes and colors. This is really important. Some brands offer beds for all sizes dogs as well as colors. Selecting the right size bed and color will make where the bed is placed a part of the rooms décor.
Materials. When purchasing an orthopedic dog bed check out the materials used in making the bed. Orthopedic beds should be made with non-toxic materials. Check with the manufacture of the bed before purchasing.