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When trying to find a dog bed, every dog owner knows that one size does not fit all. Different breeds of dogs have different needs as do puppies and senior dogs. When trying to find the best bed, there is some basic information you need to know. The pup’s age, weight, their sleeping style, habits and the size they get when full grown. All of these factors will play a role in finding the best bed for your dog. Orthopedic dog beds bolster will assist you in finding the best dog bed for your canine.

Most dogs will sleep anywhere from 12 to 14 hours per day for average adult size dog and 18 to 20 hours per day for puppies. So, finding a comfortable dog bed is a must for all dog parents. Remember, your dog’s sleeping routing is different from yours. Your canine sleep cycles are much shorter than human sleep cycles. Here is another valuable tip: when measuring your dog’s bed size add a couple of inches to the measurement. Play safe on the side of larger than smaller. This will give your dog plenty room to spread out when he sleeps.

A type of bed you should consider for your dog is an orthopedic bolster dog bed. In this article we will explain why this type of bed is should be used and which bed brands are worth looking at.

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What Are Bolster Dog Beds?

A bolster dog bed is one that has a raised cushion around it that supports a dog’s tired muscles and joints. It is also used by some dogs that like to lay their head on a pillow or armrest as they sleep. Some dogs like bolster beds for back support. These beds are cozy and provide pets comfort and security.

What Is An Orthopedic Dog Bed?

Richgra Round Donut Bed

Richgra Round Donut Bed

An orthopedic dog bed is made with 2 to 4 inches of memory foam and with 2 to 4 inches of support foam. Orthopedic beds provide comfort for dogs suffering from arthritis, hip dysplasia, and aching joints and muscles. These beds spreads the weight of the dog evenly to provide the best comfort to help ease any pain.

Even if your dog does not suffer from any of these ailments, an orthopedic dog bed is great for their health. Also, these beds are a good choice for aging or senior dogs.

All dog beds are sized. Manufactures will make beds for specific breeds of dogs. The bed sizes come in extra small, small, medium, large, extra-large, giant or jumbo. When sizing your dog measure from his nose to the place where the tail is attached for the length, and from his paws to top of his body for the width. Add 5 inches to both measurements for the proper size dog bed.

So, knowing your dog’s size is important when making the proper selection of a dog bed. Check the warranty that comes with the bed. The longer the warranty the better.

Check the quality of materials used in making the orthopedic dog bed. You are looking for high quality memory foam.

What Makes An Orthopedic Bed Different?

The main difference between orthopedic beds and non-orthopedic beds is they provide relief for dogs suffering from arthritis, hip dysplasia, joint and muscle pain, or had an operation. As dogs age they also can suffer from aging and experience aching joints and arthritis. Orthopedic beds allow the weight of the dog to be evenly distributed to relieve aching muscles and joints from pain. While other beds will not provide this type of relief. They do keep your dog off the floor but will not relieve any pain they might be suffering. And over time, these beds may flatten out due to the weight of your dog and will have to be replaced.

Another main difference is orthopedic beds are more expensive than a regular dog bed. So, be prepared to spend a little more for your dog’s comfort.

What Is Memory Foam?

Memory Foam Used In Dog Beds

Memory Foam Used In Dog Beds

Memory foam uses the shape of your dog’s body that reduces the pressure points and relieves pain. A good orthopedic bed will have a layer of memory foam on top, between 2 to 4 inches, and a layer of high quality support foam beneath. When looking for an orthopedic dog bed, look for foam that is Certi-PUR-us certified. This certification means:

✓ Made without PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (“Tris”)
✓ Uses flame retardants
✓ Made without mercury, lead and other heavy metals
✓ Made without formaldehyde
✓ Made without any harmful toxins

What is it that makes all of these benefits possible?

✓ Fillers are not used
✓ Depth and firmness of the foam; Some are 7 inches deep
✓ Combination of memory foam and therapeutic foam. Two layers is better.
✓ Pure memory foam sinks.
✓ Memory gel absorbs heat and wicks it away
✓ Gel microbeads added to memory foam increases support
✓ CertiPUR-US(R) certification means the bed is made from a foam that is free of harmful chemical substances

Benefits of Memory Foam

Let’s mention some of the memory foam benefits for your dog.

✓ Provides a true body fit
✓ Temperature-control support
✓ Provides muscle and joint pain relief
✓ Foam made in the USA is free from toxic chemicals

Benefits of Orthopedic Beds

✓ Better rest
✓ Better mobility longer in the aging process
✓ Better gait for long walks
✓ More energy because sleep quality offers rejuvenation
✓ Overall better quality of life

Dogs Sleeping Styles 

Curled Up Sleeping Position

Curled Up Sleeping Position

As we mentioned before this is a very important factor when selecting a dog bed. Owners must know how the position their pet sleeps in the most often. With this information, you can move ahead in selecting the proper bed for your dog. You may be asking, what are the dog’s sleeping styles? They are mentioned below. In parentheses is our recommendation of bed type.
✓ On their side (Mats & Rectangular type beds)
✓ Curled up (Donut or Round Beds)
✓ Sprawled out on tummy (Mats & Rectangular Beds)
✓ On their back with paws up in the air (Mats & Rectangular Type Beds)
✓ Body or head leaning on something (Bolster Beds)
✓ The Burrower (Round or Cave Beds)

Now that you are familiar with your pet’s sleeping style, you can shop for the best bed. One more tip, if you have a puppy, be sure to buy a bed that he can grow into. Your puppy will grow into adulthood with a year for most dog breeds. Ask your vet what will be his adult size. Then purchase a bed that will fit him when he is full grown. This will save you money in purchasing a bed that he will outgrow within six to twelve months.

Bed Buying Factors To Consider When Buying A Dog Bed

Before you go to the pet store shopping for a dog bed, there are a few factors you need to consider first before buying. They are:

✓ Dog’s Breed
✓ Dog’s Size
✓ Sleeping Style
✓ Dog’s Habits
✓ Age & Health
✓ Beds Location

We will now provide more detail for each factor below.

Dog’s Breed

Breed is an important factor to consider when purchasing a dog bed because of their coat.

  • Dogs with thin coats and short hair will appreciate a bed that is softer and has cushier material.
  • If your dog’s coat is thin you may consider a self-warming bed as it uses the heat of the pet’s body to keep them warm. Pets with thick coats will want a bed that keeps them cooler during warm weather.
  • Some dogs shed more than others and a bed made from fabric may have hair sticking to it. Look for a bed that it’s easier to scrape off dog’s hair.

Dog’s Size

The next factor to consider is the dog’s size. Knowing the size of your dog will help you in selecting the proper bed. Measure your pet as follows.

  • Measure the length of your dog’s body from his nose to his tail base and add 5 inches. This will be the length of the bed.
  • Measure the width of your dog’s body from his paws to the top of his body and add 5 inches. This will be the width of the bed.
  • If your dog is a puppy, you will need to know his/her adult size. Get this information from your vet. Purchase a bed that your puppy can grow into. This prevents you from having to buy another bed when they are is full grown.

With the above measurements you can pick out the perfect size bed.

Sleeping Style

The next factor to consider is your dog’s sleeping style. You will need to observe how your pet sleeps.

  • Curling. If you notice your dog curling when he sleeps, a good choice bed for this style are nesting and donut beds. If he cuddles into a ball, you won’t need as large a bed as you might think from measuring his body length.
  • Stretcher. This style is where your dog stretches out his legs from his body as he sleeps. This is also known as a dog lying on his side. Rectangular type beds are best.
  • Nesting. Dogs that nest like a bed that’s softer and has a pliable fabric to spread around them. Cave type beds are recommended for this style.
  • Leaners. Dogs that like to lay or lean their heads or body against objects for support will like a bolster bed.
  • Sleeping on Back. Some dogs like sleeping on their back. Rectangular dog beds are an excellent choice for this sleeping style.
  • Outdoors Type. Some dogs enjoy being outside. A raised bed is an excellent choice for this type. The bed will keep him off the ground which will keep him dry and allow the air to circulate under his body to help cool him on hot days.

Dog’s Habits

Dog Chewing Up Couch

Dog Chewing Up Couch

Know your dog’s habits will also help you in selecting the proper dog bed.

  • Aggressive Chewer. If your dog is an aggressive chewer, getting him a regular bed will not do. They will be completely destroyed within a short time. You will be spending money on getting new ones. Or, you will just give up and have your dog sleep on the cold floor. You will need to look for beds that are guaranteed against chewing dogs. There are some brands like Big Barker and Kuranda that do guarantee their beds against aggressive chewing dogs. Find beds with this guarantee. These beds are expensive but worth it.
  • Likes To Get Dirty. Some dogs just like to get dirty playing in the mud and water. If this is your canine, look for beds that are easy to clean and won’t fall apart when they are cleaned repeatedly in the washing machine.

Age & Health

The age and health of your dog will play a vital role in what type of bed to buy.

  • If your dog is suffering from joint and muscle problems, arthritis or hip dysplasia an orthopedic dog bed is best. They are designed to support the weight of their body.
  • If your dog had a recent injury or surgery, an orthopedic mat or crate mat is best so they won’t trip or fall.
  • Look for a bed that’s made with washable material and can trap moisture.

Bed’s Location

The last factor to consider is where the bed is going to go. Where the bed is placed in the home is vital for your dog’s health.

  • Look for a warm spot. Don’t place the bed in front of a drafty window.
  • Find an area where is quiet, secure and out of heavy traffic areas.
  • A place where most of the family gathers together.
  • Do not place the dog’s bed in your bedroom. He should have is own area to sleep.
  • Be prepared to train your dog to accept the bed as some may reject sleeping in the bed at first.
  • Get a bed that fits the spot where it will be placed and take into account his size.

Bolster Brands Made In The USA

It is very important to find beds that are made in the USA. Beds made in the USA are made with the highest quality of materials that are not toxic to animals and humans. Below is a list of manufactures or brands that use materials made in the USA.

Animals Matter
Beyond Beds
Big Barker
Big Dog Beds
Brentwood Home
Buddy Rest
Bully Beds
Dog Bed King
GoodDog Matress
Gorilla Dog Beds

K9 Ballistics
Majestic Pet Products
Sealydog Beds

Bolster Brands Not Made In The USA

Below is a list of brands that use materials made outside of the USA and mostly made in China.

American Kennel Club (AKC)
Best Friends By Sheri
Friends Forever
GM Pet Supplies
K&H Pet Products
Midwest Holmes
Midwest Quiet Time
Pet Deluxe
Pet Magasin
Pet Maker
The Dog’s Bed


We presented a lot of information to help you find the best bed for your dog. There are some factors to consider when purchasing a bed such as the breed, size, and age being the most important. Knowing how your dog sleeps also helps you in selecting the proper bed.

We also mentioned why orthopedic dog beds are the best over all other types. How orthopedic beds are made and where they are made is also important. Beds made in the USA use materials that are not toxic like beds made outside the United States. Most beds are made in China. The quality of the materials used by them are not the best. That’s why some may emit an odor that is not healthy for pets and humans.

We highly recommend purchasing dog beds made in the USA. However, beds made in the USA will cost a little more because of the quality of memory foam and other materials used in making the bed.

If your dog has a habit of being an aggressive chewer, look for beds that are guaranteed against chewing dogs. If you have a puppy, buy a bed that they can grow into.

Shop Bolster Orthopedic Dog Beds

Select the brand of interest first. Then you can shop for that brand’s orthopedic bolster dog bed.

PetFusion Elevated Bed
Sealy Dog Bed
Snoozer Cave Bed
Serta Dog Bed

Orthopedic Dog Beds Not Made In USA

American Kennel Club (AKC)
Best Friends By Sheri
Friends Forever Donut
Friends Forever Bolster
Furhaven Contour Bed
Furhaven L-Shaped Bed
Furhaven Round
Furhaven Sofa
K&H Pet Products Lounger
K&H Pet Products Bolster
Kopeks Round Bed
Laifug Bolster
Laifug Headrest Bed
LOAOL Bolster
Pet Magasin
The Dog’s Bed

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