Kopeks Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

Helps Pets With Arthritis, Joint & Muscle Pain

Kopeks Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed - Dark Brown

Kopeks Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed


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  • Built-In Headrest – Some of the Kopeks orthopedic dog beds comes with a built-in headrest for dogs that like to rest their head when sleeping. The headrest has 3-inches of memory foam. Not all dogs like a headrest but for those that do, this bed is great for them.
  • Thick Orthopedic Grade Memory Foam – Kopeks dog beds are made with 100% orthopedic-grade hypoallergenic memory foam—which is the same quality that’s used in high-end mattresses. It provides complete support to help pets that suffer from arthritis, joint or muscle pain, hip dysplasia, and other joint conditions. The jumbo beds are made of 7 inches of high-grade memory foam that won’t flatten over time.
  • Water-Resistant Zippered Cover – Some Kopeks orthopedic dog beds comes with a water-resistant zippered outer and inner covers to protect the bed from any accidents. This gives the pet owner a peace of mind.
  • Soft Plush Washable Removable Micro-Suede Cover – The double liner covers are made of soft plush micro-suede material that is machine washable to keep them stain and odor free. The covers are easy to remove by unzipping the cover off the bed and tossing them into the washing machine to make them ready for the next use. The cover is vacuum safe too.
  • Anti-Slip Rubber Bottom – The bed is made of anti-slip rubber dots on the bed’s bottom to help prevent the bed from moving around. Be careful, as you wash the cover these rubber dots can get lose during washing and come off in the washer, dryer and the floor.

Note: Before buying any bed, be sure you know your dog’s sleeping style. Then, match the best bed to his style.


Dogs just love a comfortable sleeping place and a bed that has memory foam for relieving aches. Kopeks beds come with up to 7 inches of memory foam for comfort.

If your dog suffers from arthritis, muscle or joint problems, then this orthopedic bed is for them. Kopeks orthopedic memory foam dog bed comes with a removable cover that is washable and waterproof, which is great for those unavoidable accidents.

This bed comes with seven (7) inches of thick memory foam and a three-inch pillow that provides your pet with the best level of comfort. They will not flatten overtime. Similar to therapeutic foam found in high end mattress stores.

As dogs age they experience some joint and muscle soreness, aches and pains. They need to rest comfortably, and an orthopedic bed will do just that. Orthopedic beds are excellent choices for dogs that do not have any arthritis, or joint and muscle pains.

The bed comes in one size and color and is for large and extra-large dogs.

Note: Because this bed contains seven inches of memory foam, it is shipped in a package where it’s rolled up and requires some time to unfold and expand to reach its full size. Please read the instructions very carefully before using.

Questions About Orthopedic Dog Beds

Below are some questions people ask about orthopedic dog beds.

1. What should I look for in an orthopedic dog bed?

When purchasing an orthopedic dog bed, you need to look for high-quality materials. Orthopedic dog beds are designed for dogs that suffer from arthritis, aching joints and muscles, hip dysplasia or other joint problems. When your dog lies down on the bed, be sure that the foam does not sink to the floor as this will defeat the purpose of the bed.

Some memory foam will in time, with the weight of the dog, sink down to the floor. This is not good. Be sure to look for orthopedic beds that will hold up to the weight of your dog. Look for beds that offers a warranty against defective memory foam.

Orthopedic dog beds are more expensive than other beds. You are paying for the memory foam to support for your pet health conditions especially as they age.

2. What is the best bed for an arthritic dog?

Look for beds that provide support bedding like memory foam which is excellent for dogs that suffer from arthritis. Memory foam helps in supporting the dog’s weight over the surface of the bed. Place the bed in a warm non-drafty area of the house. Be sure the bed is setting on a non-slip flooring around the bed. It will make it easier for your dog to get in and out without slipping because of his condition.

3. Do dogs really need orthopedic beds?

The quick and direct answer to this question is yes. Even if your dog is a puppy, getting him an orthopedic dog bed will be best for his health as he grows into adulthood. These beds will help promote healthy joints, improve mobility, and prevent conditions dogs experience like arthritis and other joint problems and keeping them at bay. Orthopedic beds are just great for any dog breed.

However, the one drawback to these beds is they are very expensive. If your budget can afford one, I highly recommend them for your pet.

4. What is the best orthopedic bed for a dog?

Look for beds that provide memory foam of 3 inches or more and is made of high-quality materials. You don’t want cheap foam that will sag as the dog uses the bed. Look for foam that will not go down to the floor. Below are some excellent memory foam dog beds:

    • Big Barker 7” with Headrest
    • K9 Ballistics Tough Orthopedics Bed
    • FurHaven NAP Deluxe Memory Foam Bed
    • Sealy Lux Quad Layer Orthopedic Bed
    • Barkbox Memory Foam Platform Bed
    • Bedsure Orthopedic Bed
    • Kopeks Orthopedic Dog Bed
    • PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed


The cost of this bed will vary from time to time due to any discounts being offered at the time of purchase.

  • Jumbo XL: $109.95

Note: The price for this product is subject to change without notice.

Size, Color and Dimensions

Colors for this bed are brown, brown-plush, and grey and weigh about 16 pounds. So, it’s easy to move from room to room.

  • Size: Jumbo Extra Large
  • Dimensions: 50″ x 34″ x 7″ Pillow is 3-inches.
  • Warranty: 1-Year

Note: Replacement covers for this XL bed is available by clicking on the link below:

Replacement Cover $19.97

Consumer Feedback

This bed is rated above average, 4.7 stars out of 5, by 5,530+ consumers for the following reasons.

  • After opening it up & letting it fluff up, it looks great. My 11-year-old lab loves it. I’m glad I went with this bed for 119$, plus it’s waterproof for those accidents of an older dog not being able to get up fast enough to go outside.
  • My 6-year-old shepherd lab mix has bilateral hip dysplasia and has had both hip and an ACL surgery. This bed seems to keep her comfortable and is definitely large enough for her to stretch out without hanging over the side. It took her bed about 5 days to decompress to full thickness, but it was worth the wait and price! It’s also nice to know it has a waterproof covering as she has some accidents in her sleep.
  • This bed is perfect. It takes a couple of days to open up completely, so you have to be patient. I have a 14 1/2-year-old German Shepherd and she luv’s it. It’s a perfect size for a large dog and very forgiving on her hind quarters. We are very happy with this and our dog clearly feels very comfortable on this.
  • We have a large elderly dog (135 pounds ) that needs to keep weight off of her hips when laying down. This bed is by far the best we have found and she LOVES it.
  • Very good quality. My dog is a 110-pound Bouvier, and she took to it immediately.

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Kopeks Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed


7” Thick Orthopedic Memory Foam


Great For Pets With Arthritis or Joint and Muscle Issues


Plush Suede with an Ant-Slip Bottom Zippered Cover


Waterproof Removable Liner


Superior Quality



  • It is great for pets with arthritis, hip dysplasia, joint and muscle stiffness.
  • Pillow has two covers that are zippered and easily removable for washing.
  • Waterproof removable liner covers the memory foam mattress.
  • Pillow has two covers that are zippered and easily removable for washing.
  • Extra Large Bed Dimensions: 50 x 34 x 7 inches.


  • Price.
  • Made In China.
  • Product may have an odor for a couple of days.
  • Liner may not be waterproof as advertised.