Enchanted Home Pet Snuggle Pet Sofa Bed

Perfect Bed For Dogs Who Like To Snuggle

The Enchanted Home Pet snuggle pet sofa bed is great for dogs that like to snuggle while sleeping. Many dogs like to rest or sleep on the living room sofa. To prevent any damage or accidents to your favorite sofa, let your lovable pet have their own. It’s a great bed option for small dogs.

This bed keeps them off the ground and is for pets weighing up to twelve pounds. It also can be spot cleaned for easy maintenance using a damp cloth.

This dog bed is easy to move around from area to area or from room to room.

The bed comes in only one size: 26.5″ x 16″ x 16″, and one color: Gray.

The bed weighs a little over 10 pounds.


The cost of this bed may change from time to time due to any discounts being offered at the time of purchase or not.

  • Current Price: $67.88

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Consumer Feedback

This bed is rated above average, 4.2 stars out of 5, for the following reasons.

  • This bed is incredible! The quality is as great as or better than some of the beds I’ve paid hundreds of dollars for. It’s also super cute. It looks exactly as pictured.
  • My newly adopted 5 lb Brussels Chihuahua mix loves this bed and so do I. After purchasing a bed prior to this one that she absolutely did not like and would not lay in, I’m very pleased that she is happy. Quality is excellent, very sturdy.
  • I read a review that talked about lack of cushioning (sorry if that’s not a word), but it seems fine to me. The padding looks durable & soft. Overall great quality. I was very impressed when I opened the box.
  • We have it in the dining/living area and she goes straight to this couch every time. She loves it! 🙂 The design is also just so adorable!
  • I Love this couch. This is a sturdy, well built little dog sofa. Unlike a lot of the other ones I’ve seen, this one has legs and even a pocket in the back to hold toys. The bottom cushion is removable and you can unzip it to wash the cover.

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Enchanted Home Pet Snuggle Pet Sofa Bed


Easy To Move


Perfect for Pets That Like To Snuggle


Elevated for Draft Free Sleeping


Spot Clean


It Has 2 Pockets To Store Toys



  • Perfect for the pet who likes to snuggle while they sleep.
  • The bed weighs only 10 lbs. so it's easy to move around.
  • Raised feet lifts the bed off the ground and keeps your pet draft free.
  • You can spot clean the sofa using a damp cloth.
  • Dimensions: Size, 26.5" x 16" x 16".


  • Price.
  • For pets up to 12 lbs.
  • Cushions subject to damage by aggressive chewers.