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Self-Warming Beds Keep Pets Warm 

Aspen Pet Self-Warming Kennel Mat

Aspen Pet Self-Warming Kennel Mat

Self-Warming dog beds for large dogs are excellent to keep them warm during cold months. They are also good for aching muscles joints and arthritis.

These beds are great for seniors. Senior dogs aren’t able to self-regulate their temperature as well as younger dogs. Heated dog beds can help older dogs stay warm, while also alleviating arthritis pain and easing joint discomfort.

What Is A Self-Warming Dog Bed?

Basically these beds uses your dog’s own body heat to warm the bed material. The material than reflects the heat back to the dog’s body to keep them warm. They are the same as heated dog beds but don’t need power to operate. Heated beds require a power outlet to maintain the temperature. A self-warming bed uses no power just the body heat of the pet and reflects it back.

How Do Self-Warming Dog Beds Work?

You may be asking how these beds work. Very simply they work by incorporating layers of insulating material into the beds cushion. Then, the material reflects the body heat of the pet back to them that’s keeps them warm.

The material used in self-warming dog beds will vary by manufacture. Each one is producing the most durable and efficient material at the lowest possible cost.

Bear in mind, that you may not know the materials used in making self-warming beds since some of the formulas used are proprietary. You need to know if the material is toxic or non-toxic so it won’t harm your pet or others in the house.

Shopping For A Self-Warming Bed

There are many models of these beds for dogs so you have options to choose which ones are best for your dog. Below are some tips you can use when shopping for a self-warming pet bed.

  1. Choose A Bed That Fits Your Dog’s Sleeping Style

Every dog has their own way they sleep and you need to know if you need a cuddler, donut or bagel type bed. Some beds offer support for the body to make it easier to curl. If they are a leaner, look for a bolster type bed. If your dog likes sleeping on his back, or stretching out, look for rectangular beds and they don’t have self-warming models.

  1. Select A Bed That Accommodates Your Dog’s Health and Age

As dog’s age they can develop health issues. This include arthritis, and joint and muscle pain. Under these conditions, choose a bed that offers thicker base and has orthopedic support. Make sure the fabric cover is removable and has a non-slip base.

  1. Select Brands You Can Trust

When you purchase a bed for your dog, always buy from a bed brand you trust. It should have a good reputation and don’t give in to buying the cheapest one to save money. Buy a pet bed that will last for many years. Buying cheap may mean you be replacing it with another one later because it’s falling apart.

  1. Read The Labels

By reading the labels on the prospective bed, you can possibly find the composition of materials, where the bed was made and warnings you should be aware of. Below are some tips:

    • Avoid bed containing toxic chemicals.
    • Avoid beds that contain PBDEs (polybrominated diphenyl ethers).
    • Avoid beds that contain phthalates (PVC is also known as PVC or polyvinyl chloride).
    • When buying foam beds, look for the CertiPUR-US®
    • Look for beds made in the USA, using USA sourced materials.
    • Avoid beds that use foam made in China, even if the bed was assembled in the U.S.
    • Look for beds that have a specific guarantee like Big Barker.
  1. Read Reviews From Other Pet Owners

You can tell how a company operates by reading the customer reviews. Read what people are saying about the bed you are about to purchase. Things to look for:

    • It is durable?
    • Does it flatten quickly?
    • Does it emit an odor?
    • Does it contain unsafe materials?

If the answers are a yes to the above, look for another bed option. Look for beds that are well received by the owners.

  1. Let Your Dog Investigate Before Purchasing

If it is possible, allow your pet to investigate the new bed before buying it. If the retailer allows returns, you can have your pet look over the bed. Some dogs have preferences of certain materials, textures, structures and smells. They will let you know if the bed will be a good choice for them to use or not.

If you order on-line, most companies allow returns. To be sure, contact the company first before purchasing.

Benefits of Self-Warming Dog Beds

Below are some benefits of self-warming dog beds.

  • Improved circulation that promotes healing of injuries.
  • Stable body temperature.
  • Provides warmth in colder climates.
  • Less stiffness and more flexible joints in colder weather.
  • Helps induce better sleep due to muscle relaxation.
  • Warmth without the danger of burns because no electricity is used.

Do Dogs Need This Bed?

Self-warming beds are not for all dogs. The main reason is these beds have some type of bolster on them. This will restrict some dogs from stretching out for sleeping.

Below are some reasons why you don’t need a self-warming dog bed.

  • Does not suffer from aching muscles, arthritis, or aching joints.
  • Does not live in cold climates.
  • Beds are not made for aggressive chewing dogs.
  • Does not suffer from separation anxiety.
  • Does not have hair loss, a thin coat, low body weight, thyroid problems, old, and cannot regulate their body temperature.


As you can see, you can shop for self-warming dog beds for large dogs by knowing a few facts about your pet. With this knowledge you can purchase the proper bed that is best for your dog.

Remember, you are getting a bed that is best for him based on his health, age and where you live. In cooler climates self-warming beds may be best. If your pet should suffer from arthritis, aching muscles and joints these beds are great for them. Also, if they should have circulatory issues, loss of hair and low body weight.

Shop Self-Warming Dog Beds

Below are a few self-warming dog bed brands to choose from for large dogs as they are limited for large dogs. You will be taken to Amazon where you can place the order and read the customer reviews and answered questions before ordering.

Aspen Pet Mat
Aspen Pet Lounger
K&H Pet Products Bed

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