Adjustable Dog Ramp

Ramps Make It Easy To Go Up and Down

Adjustable Dog Ramp

Adjustable Dog Ramp



The adjustable dog ramp is used for pets getting into a car, on a sofa or bed. Reduces the joint strain and arthritis pain and helps prevent further injuries. When dogs use a ramp it requires less leg power and less joint rotation.

When shopping for a dog ramp look for models that has a slope falling between 18 and 26 degrees. This is the ideal range for dogs walking up or down on a ramp. A larger angle will require more effort for your pet to walk up the ramp and place more stress on their joints.

What is nice about a ramp it does not require you to lift your pet on or off any type of furniture, saving your back. They fold up for easy storage.

Benefits of A Dog Ramp

Now, let’s look at some possible benefits of a dog ramp.

  • Less Stress on Joints
Adjustable Ramp Uses

Adjustable Ramp Uses

It’s not so much the jumping up part but it’s the jumping down that can be hard on a dog’s joints. If you have a senior or large breed dog, you need to treat their joints with extra care. Having a ramp can reduce this stress on their fragile joints. If your dog suffers from hip or joint pain or arthritis a ramp is easier on their legs and joints. They don’t have to lift their knees, hips or shoulders when going up or down the ramp.

  • Prevent Dog Injuries

You can help prevent dog injuries when they are trying to jump into the car. This is true if your pet should miss a jump trying to get into your car. As dogs age it can get more difficult for them to jump into the car. Also, it is not safe for pets jumping into any vehicle when it’s raining or snowing outside.

  • Preventing Injuries To Humans

If your dog should weight over 50 lbs. and you are trying to get him into the car to go somewhere, you may have difficulty in lifting him. This is especially true if you have weak muscles or back issues.

  • Diversity

A dog ramp is great to help dogs go up small flights of stairs, climb on beds or couches, grooming tables and bathtubs. They are also versatile because they are adjustable to fit various heights and can be stored under the bed or in the closet when not in use.