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What is an outdoor dog bed? It is a bed that your dog can lay on while outside. It’s a bed that is located in an area outside where your pet frequents a lot and usually in the shade. Most outdoor beds are easy to move around and can be used indoors as well.

Before buying an outdoor dog bed, you must consider some factors that will play a huge role on the best outdoor bed for your dog.

These factors will be examined in greater detail below.

What Requirements Must Outdoor Dog Beds Meet?

Outdoor dog beds must be able to handle the outdoor elements and most importantly meet your dog’s needs for health and comfort. Each of these topics will be described in greater detail below.

In general, outdoor dog beds are elevated or raised which helps to evenly distribute the dog’s weight and keep them up from the cold, heat, moisture and pests. Plus raised dog beds are easy to clean with a hose to wash away dirt and grime. Most of the time outdoor dog beds can also be used indoors as they are portable and easy to move and carry.

Outdoor Elements

Since the bed will be outdoors, consider the following factors: temperature, moisture, sun and odors. Each of these are described below.

  • Temperature – How does the bed deal with temperature?

The elevated bed material used should be able to withstand the hot and cold temperature fluctuations regardless of the season. Some regions have longer summer days than other parts of the country that have shorter ones. Most pet owners do not allow their pets to sleep outdoors during the winter months.

The bed material or fabric that allows air circulation from underneath which will cool your pet during those hot summer days. Most pets have difficulty in keeping cool especially when they get overheated. So, it’s important that their bodies cool off especially after a walk or exercise. Elevated beds provide this cooling effect on your dog’s body. The mesh center allows air to be circulated underneath the dog’s body.

  • Moisture – How does the bed deal with moisture?

Moisture is a big concern for outdoor beds. If the material or fabric is not waterproof or water-resistant, the material can get moldy and weaken over time. This in turn, will cause tearing of the material. This you do not want.

By choosing a bed that is waterproof you can also protect the bed from your pet’s sweating. Please note that dog’s sweat differently than humans by sweating through their paws and nose. They get rid of excess heat through panting. Waterproof or water-resistant fabric is a must for outdoor bed use.

Best material or fabric to look for in outdoor beds are mentioned below.

1). Mesh – The mesh weave allows air and water to flow through helping to keep moisture out and dogs’ cool and dry.

2). Cordura Nylon – This type of fabric is known for its durability and resistance to abrasions, tears and scuffs.

3). Ballistic Nylon – This type of fabric is even stronger than cordura nylon as it is designed for maximum durability and abrasion resistance.

4). Denier Fabric – Denier is used to measure the thickness of the threads or filaments used in the material. The higher the denier count the thicker, studier and durable it is. Some outdoor beds comes with this and mesh fabrics together. Where the mesh is in the center the denier around the outside from the center.

5). Polyethylene (HDPE) – This type of fabric does not deteriorate from chemicals, mildew, rot, sweat, sun or weather. This fabric also resists stretching. It’s a great choice for outdoor dog beds. It’s also non-biodegradable which is great for the environment.

  • Sun – How does the bed deal with sun?

Look for a fabric that is UV light resistant and will not deteriorate and fade when it’s exposed to the sun. Another option in keeping the sun off your dog is by looking for a canopy that hangs over the bed. Otherwise, just keep the bed in the shade. The best material to use is polyethylene.

  • Odors – How does the bed deal with odors?

It’s vital that when looking for outside dog bed that it’s odor resistant. Dogs tend to have odors and cleaning the bed and your dog every day could become a real chore. Be sure that the bed of choice is odor resistant.

Dog Needs – How Does A Bed Meet Them


A dog bed should be comfortable for your pet. Any bed that gets him off the floor is a huge plus. It will help keep his joints and muscles from aching. As pets age they can develop aging conditions that needs to be controlled. A great way to accomplish this is providing a comfortable elevated bed. Or, a bed that has some insulation to protect those aching joints. Getting your pet off the hard floor is a step in the right direction.

Sleeping Position

Every dog has a favorite sleeping position they use most of the time when they are sleeping. You need to be observant to know which type they use. The elevated bed or on the ground bed must meet their sleeping style. The basic sleeping styles for dogs are mentioned below.

  • On The Side – In this position is where your dog sleeps on his side.
  • Curled Up – In this sleeping position is where your pet curls up like a semi-circle when sleeping.
  • Sprawled Out On The Tummy – This sleeping position is where your pet lays on his tummy with his back feet sprawled out.
  • On Back, Paws up in the Air – In this sleeping position is where your dog sleeps on his back with his paws up in the air.
  • Back To Back – This sleeping position is where your pet sleeps with his back next to another dog or pet owner. A bed that has a cushion is best so the pet can rest his back against it if this happens to be your pet’s sleeping style.


When looking for an elevated bed, consider your dog’s weight and size as beds come in all shapes and sizes. Purchase a bed that will accommodate his weight. Should your dog be a puppy, they will grow and gain weight until they reach adulthood. Be sure to select a bed that will fit them when they are fully grown. If he is full grown, purchase a bed that will hold him and accommodate his sleeping style. Check with your vet if you are unsure of your dog’s breed size and weight when full grown. Purchase a bed for him to grow into when he reaches an adult dog.

Most companies that manufacture dog beds will provide information about the maximum weight their beds will hold. Purchasing an elevated dog bed that does not accommodate your pet’s weight can cause damage and even stretch the material and make the bed useless over time.

Chewing Habits

As a pet parent you should know your dog’s chewing behavior. A major concern about the material used when choosing a bed is will it stand up to your dog’s chewing behavior. Most dogs like to chew and especially puppies going through the teething process. Take into account your pet’s chewing behavior. If your dog is an aggressive chewer, you might have difficulty in keeping any type of dog bed safe from his chewing. Some bed materials are stronger than others and can stand against aggressive chewers and should be sought out after. Elevated beds are an excellent choice as they are more difficult to chew on because they are stretched out and are made with stronger material. Dogs do like to explore and find the weakest link. In due time, may just find it. All other types of beds aggressive chewers will rip them to pieces.

Health Conditions

The Health condition of your pet does play an important role in deciding which type of bed to purchase. Dog’s suffering with arthritis, had recant surgery or have a leg injury, may have difficulty in jumping on and off an elevated bed. Beds that lay on the ground will be no problem for them to get in and out of. As your pet ages, health issues will become greater so reevaluating the type of outdoor bed will be necessary.

What To Look For In Beds

Elevated dog beds usually are between 4 to 7 inches above the ground. This provides air to cool the dog’s body from underneath during the hot summer months. Be sure that the material used allows for air to be circulated. As mentioned before, be sure to get a bed that is waterproof, won’t fade in the sun, can withstand hot and cold temperatures, and moisture.

Beds must also be comfortable in the event your pet suffers from aching muscles and joints. Be sure that the bed is placed in a shaded and well ventilated area.

Regardless of which type you choose, they should meet the weather conditions that is prevalent in your area. Beds that are placed on the ground should have waterproof material and easy to maintain and durable to last. A benefit of these beds is they can be used for both small, medium and large size dogs and can be used indoors as they are portable.


In conclusion, it’s important to remember when purchasing an outdoor dog bed you must consider your dog’s weight, chewing behavior, sleeping position and the weather conditions in your area. These are very important factors besides ensuring the elevated dog bed is waterproof, sturdy, rust proof, weather resistant and odor resistant. Remember elevated beds provide cooling for your pet as air circulates from underneath during warm summer days and can be transported easily inside or outside.

By following the above conditions, the dog bed will last a long time and provide your pet some relaxation when they go outside.

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