Top Dog Bed Shapes

Find The Bed Shape That’s Best For Your Pet

Just Think! 
Select A Bed Based On Your Dog’s Sleeping Style
Bolster Dog Beds Make Pets Feel Safe
Beds Provide Comfort As Dogs Sleep
Orthopedic Beds Provides Relief To Aching Joints and Muscles
Beds Get Pets Off Furniture & Floor
Beds Improve Their Health
Senior Dogs Need An Orthopedic Bed
Helpful Dog Bed Tips!
Regularly Clean The Bed Following Manufactures Instructions
Clean Top Cover Regularly If Removable
Vacuum Bed To Remove Excess Dirt
Select A Bed They Can Grow Into
If Your Dog Has Allergies Use Unscented Detergent


Some pet owners have experienced problems in finding the best bed for their pets. Dogs are heavier than cats and a bed must provide support for them as they sleep. Finding the best bed requires you to know his sleeping style. Just observe how they sleep and purchase a bed that matches this style.

Because of their weight, some beds are prone to flatten out over time. This is what you are trying to avoid. The main reason is it’s wasting money. A bed that will not flatten out is what you are looking for. A bed that will last a long time and will get your monies worth.

There are three shapes of dog beds and they are oval or round, rectangular and square. We will describe each of these in greater detail.

Round Dog Beds

Round dog beds come in three styles and they are bolster, nesting, and standard. Of these three, the bolster dog bed is the most popular. The reason being is that most dogs like a support when they sleep. This is what bolster beds provide.

Bolster Dog Bed

The bolster dog bed has has a narrow pillow or cushion that’s filled with cotton, down or fiber material. These beds usually have a frim back for support. The beds have different sizes and shapes and most have a zipper cover that is removable for washing. Some beds do have memory foam for more comfort. This style of bed are for pets that like to curl or cuddle while sleeping. Bolster dog beds are especially ideal for dogs who like to put their head on a pillow or armrest when they sleep.

If your dog like to burrow and hide under blankets then he would enjoy sleeping in one of the best nestling cave dog beds. These dog beds also come in different colors that will conform to your house’s décor.

These beds come in various types of materials such as memory foam, flannel, fleece and orthopedic.

Nesting Dog Beds

Some dogs, especially small breeds, like to nest or cuddle when they sleep. These type of beds are for pets that like to stay under the covers. Some beds like Cozy Cave gives your pet a place to stay completely enclosed in a Sherpa interior fabric that keeps them warm. It also provides a secure place for them as well. The bed is covered with a hooded cave type fabric which makes dogs feel very secure when they rest or sleep.

This bed is also good for dogs that like to have their heads or necks resting on a bolster type device.

Standard Dog Beds

Standard dog beds are beds that don’t have any special features like ridges, edges, foam, or orthopedic. They are basically pillows and cushions that come in various sizes, colors, and shapes. They also are the most affordable for those on a tight budget.

These beds are usually made with flannel or fleece and is soft and comfortable for pets to sleep on. The beds are easy to clean too.

Rectangular Dog Beds

Rectangular dog beds are for dogs that like to stretch out when sleeping. If you observe your dog curling out or stretching when sleeping this type of bed will do just fine. These beds come in a variety of sizes to fit small, medium, large and extra large dogs. Some of these beds have color options to help with the rooms décor.

As dogs age they can experience joint pain, muscle pain, and arthritis. If your pet suffers from any of these health issues, an orthopedic dog bed is highly recommended. Orthopedic beds provides your pet comfort to those aching joints which helps him have a comfortable nights sleep.


As you can see, knowing the sleeping style of your dog is important to aide you in selecting the right size bed for him to sleep on. Beds are important to help comfort dogs as they age. Getting them off the floor especially in the winter when its colder.

Another important point, buy a bed that your pet can grow into. Unless your pet has already reached his adult size, you will be buying multiple beds as he grows. Check with your vet to determine your dog breeds adult size so you can make the right choice bed.

If you have a puppy, you may have to experiment in finding the right type of bed. Be observant so you can determine their sleeping style.

Some dogs may also be reluctant in going on their bed. You may have to train them to do this. Have plenty of his favorite treats and your dog will be sleeping his bed in no time. Also, keep the bed out of will traffic areas of the house. Your pet deserves a quiet place that he can call home.