Round Dog Beds

A Round Bed Makes Your Pet Comfortable

AKC Casablanca Solid Round Pet Bed

If you notice your dog’s sleeping style is curling or in a ball, a round bed is the right choice. These beds come in all types of shapes, sizes and colors. Some of these beds are made with memory foam and are great for dogs that suffer from arthritis, and joint and muscle pain.

Beds are great for dogs as it gets them off the hard floor. They also need a great night’s sleep and that just what a bed does for them.

Types of Round Dog Beds

Pet owners have choices of the types of round dog beds for their pets.

Let’s look at some benefits that dog beds provides for your pet. Your options are orthopedic, self-warming, bolster, cave, and non-bolster round dog beds.

Be sure your pets sleeping style accommodates a round dog bed. Dogs that like to stretch or sleep on their backs, round dog beds will not work for them. Typically, round dog beds are for small to medium size dogs.

  • Orthopedic: These beds are great for dogs that suffer from arthritis, joint and muscle pain or are getting up in age.
  • Self-Warming: These beds are made of material that is self-warming to the dog that sleeps on it. Dogs that have little fur on their bodies will like these beds.
  • Bolster: These beds provides support for their head or back while they are resting or sleeping.
  • Cave: These beds have a cover over the bed which makes like a cave for a dog to sleep in. Typically, small dog breeds like this type of bed because it provides warmth and security.
  • Round: These beds have no bolster or cover over or on the side of the bed. The bed is made of all types of materials for comfort.

Dog Bed Tips

Be sure to place the bed out of the way of heavy traffic area in the home. Pets like to have some privacy and a dog bed does just that.

Dog beds keeps your pet off furniture and your bed. You want your pet to have his own place where he can go to relax and sleep. Remember, dogs sleep from 12 to 14 hours per day. Puppies from 18 to 20 hours per day. Having their own bed is a must.

Dog beds keeps your pet off the floor in summer and winter. They are also excellent for their health as they get older.

Shop Round Dog Beds

Below are some great selections of round dog bed brands for your consideration. You will be taken to Amazon where you can check out the customer reviews and answered questions about the product. You have the option to choose the color, size and place the order.

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