Dog Bed Types

Get A Type of Bed Your Dog Likes!

Dog parents should be able to find a type of bed that is comfortable and provides warmth for their dog. They must know some important facts about their dogs before spending money on shopping for one. This is one of the most important decisions you will ever make for your dog.

In case you may not know, a bed is excellent for improving your dog’s overall health. Just getting him off the floor is a tremendous improvement.

Dog bed types come in different shapes, sizes and colors. You should be able to find a bed that closely matches your home’s décor.

Below are some of the of the main types of dog beds on the market.

  • Bolster
  • Cave
  • Crate
  • Elevated
  • Pads
  • Orthopedic
  • Rectangular
  • Round

When choosing a dog bed be sure that you know your pet’s sleeping style, health and age, and if he is an aggressive chewer. With this information, you can now look for a bed type.

We will review each of these concerns below:

  • Sleeping Style: The sleeping style of your dog can be observed. Knowing your dog’s sleeping style will go a long way in finding the correct type bed. The sleeping styles of dogs are:
    • Sprawlers: These are dogs that like to stretch out in all directions when sleeping. Rectangular beds are the best option for this style.
    • Curlers: These are dogs that like to curl into a ball when sleeping. This helps conserve their body heat. Oval, round or bolster beds are the best options.
    • Burrowers: These dogs like to go under the covers. They like a cozy nest to sleep in. Hooded or cave type beds are the best options.
    • Leaners: These are dogs that like to lean or lay their head against something. This gives them support as they sleep. Bolster beds are the best option.
  • Health & Age: The age and health of your dog plays a vital role in the proper type bed selection. 1). If your pet is a puppy, getting a bed that he can grow into is a must. Otherwise, you will be tossing the bed out and buying a larger size one. Ask your vet how large your pet will grow as an adult and buy a bed that will fit him accordingly. 2). If your pet is getting up in age, you should consider buying an orthopedic bed to help his aching joints and muscles. Please note, as dog’s age, they develop arthritis and have aching joints and muscles. So, orthopedic beds provides them comfort during these later years. 3). If your dog is an adult, just finding a comfortable bed should do well. 4). If your dog is a large breed, look for beds that will not flatten out due to his weight. Otherwise, you will be wasting some money.
  • Aggressive Chewer: Beds that contain memory foam, bolster or some form of loose support will be torn to shreds by an aggressive chewing dog. There are some dog bed brands that guarantee their beds against chewers. We highly recommend you consider buying a bed that has this guarantee. These beds are more expensive, but worth it.

The bottom line here is by knowing some facts about your dog before you go off to purchase a dog bed will save you time, money and frustration. Just as beds are comfortable for humans, pets also like comfortable beds too.

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