Big Barker vs K9 Ballistics Dog Beds

Big Barker Beds Stands Out Above the Rest!

Big Barker Headrest Orthopedic Bed Large Burgundy

Big Barker Headrest Orthopedic Bed Large Burgundy


The Big Barker verses K9 Ballistics dog beds are well known bed brands, but they do have some differences and we share some of them.

The Big Barker verses K9 Ballistics dog beds will help pet owners to know which brand offers the most for their dollars. Dog beds are a big market and knowing which dog bed brand that offers the best features is what this article will cover. Included will be some of the main differences between these two brands.

The manufacturers of dog beds use materials, foam, covers and zippers. Some brands offer waterproof covers while others offer scratch resistance.

We are going to explore the main differences of Big Barker and K9 Ballistics by their materials and construction, durability, chew resistance, cover options, foam type, warranty, quality of life, and sizes and varieties.

Material and Construction

Big Barker: They use materials that are exclusively made in the USA. This includes the cover, foam, zipper and glue. There beds typically use a 7-inch mattress made from therapeutic foam to provide support to dogs, especially those who suffer from joint pain, aching muscles, and arthritis. They have an orthopedic bed that has a headrest for dogs that like to rest their head on something. The fabric used is designed to withstand rubbing, digging and nesting. The zipper covers approximately 75% of the entire bed which makes it easy to remove the cover and replace after washing. There strong microfiber covers score 100,000 or higher on the standard Wyzenbeek Abrasion test, which measures a fabrics ability to withstand surface wear from rubbing.

Big Barker Recommended Dog Breeds: Doberman Pinscher, Great Pyrenees, Akita, Mastiff, Newfoundland, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Cane Corso, Greyhound, Irish Setter, Afghan, Bloodhound, Borzoi

K9 Ballistics: There beds are made with no glue so it will not have any odors. K9 Ballistics beds often feature a ballistic nylon cover, known for its durability and resistance to chewing and scratching. The orthopedic mattress in K9 Ballistics beds may be made from various materials like foam or memory foam and is 5-inches thick. The zipper is hidden so your pet will not play with it.

Advantage: Big Barker


Big Barker: They emphasize the durability of their beds claiming that their foam retains 90% of its original shape and will last for ten years.

K9 Ballistics: They focus on creating beds with chew-resistant materials, which can be beneficial for dogs with a tendency to chew, scratch or dig on their beds.

Advantage: Big Barker

Quality of Life

Big Barker: In a scientific clinical study conducted by University of Pennsylvania, owners reported that the Big Barker bed reduced joint pain and stiffness, improved joint function and gait, and led to improved nighttime restfulness in large dogs with arthritis.

This study was done to scientifically determine if Big Barker dog beds could reduce joint pain and improve mobility in big dogs with arthritis, University of Pennsylvania researchers gave forty dogs – each at least three-years-old and weighing 70+ pounds – Big Barker beds and activity monitors to measure their sleep and movement.

Independent data analysis showed the following improvements to the mean score: 17.6% improvement in joint function; 21.6% reduction in pain severity; 12.5% reduction in joint stiffness; 9.6% improvement in gait; and 15.1% improvement in quality of life.

Big Barker is the first dog bed that’s been clinically proven to improve quality of life for large dogs.

K9 Ballistics: No such study.

Big Advantage: Big Barker

Chew Resistance

Big Barker: The Big Barker beds are not chew resistant. They do mention in their advertising that the cover is designed to withstand rubbing, digging, and nesting, but not the bed. If your dog is an aggressive chewer, this bed is not for your dog.

K9 Ballistics: K9 Ballistics places an emphasis on creating beds that are resistant to chewing and scratching, making them suitable for dogs with destructive behaviors. If your dog damages their tough dog bed within 120 days after receiving it, they will issue you a one-time store credit that can be used to replace your damaged bed. 

Advantage: K9 Ballistics 

Bed Cover Options 

Big Barker: Big Barker beds often come with a removable, machine-washable microfiber cover, which is soft and comfortable and easy to remove and replace. There cover is not waterproof. So, you may need to use a waterproof liner to prevent any liquids saturating the memory foam.

K9 Ballistics: K9 Ballistics beds typically have a removable, machine-washable cover made from durable materials like ballistic nylon. Their beds are made for scratchers and diggers. The cover is waterproof.

Advantage: K9 Ballistics


Big Barker: Big Barker uses 7-inches of memory foam made in the USA. There foam is CertiPUR-US certified to meet their rigorous standards for emissions, content, performance, and durability. The foam has a 10-year won’t flatten warranty.

Big Barker uses a proprietary 3-stage blend of American-made foam that helps a dog feel they are lying on a cloud. It has a high-density support core which guards against pressure points caused by direct contact with the floor. The foam consists of the following:

  • 2-inches of H10 Comfort Foam
  • 3-inches of H45 Support Foam
  • 2-inches of H10 Comfort Foam

K9 Ballistics: K9 Ballistics uses 5-inches of foam that is CertiPUR-Us certified. There foam is cut in their own manufacturing facility in the United States. They maintain that their bed won’t flatten even by the heaviest of dogs. Their foam is not covered by a won’t flatten warranty.

Advantage: Big Barker


Big Barker: Big Barker offers a 10-year won’t flatten warranty. The warranty guarantees the dog’s bed will not flatten and will retain at least 90% of its shape or we will replace the foam for free for the entire 10 years. This warranty does not cover any damage done to the cover or any damage caused by chewing.

While it is rare that a dog may not like a Big Barker dog bed (roughly 2-3% of customers), if this is your situation you have a 1-year return trial period. If within the year your dog does not like the bed, just return it for a full refund and the company gives you a hearty “thank you” for just trying the bed.

K9 Ballistics: They have two warranties, 120-day chew proof warranty and a manufacturer’s 30-day return policy.

The 120-day chew proof warranty is if your dog damages the bed within 120-days after receiving it, the company will issue a one-time store credit that can be used to replace the damaged product.

The manufacturer’s warranty works when the bed component or accessory arrives with any defects from the manufacturing process or damage from transit, the item will be replaced free of charge. Claims must be submitted within 30 days of receipt.

Huge Advantage: Big Barker

Sizes and Varieties

Big Barker: Big Barker offers 3 bed sizes and 4 colors.

  • Large ($239.95): 48” L x 30” W x 7” H
  • Extra Large ($289.95): 52” L x 36” W x 7” H
  • Giant ($399.95): 60” L x 48” W x 7” H
  • Colors: Burgundy, Charcoal Gray, Chocolate, Khaki

K9 Ballistics: K9 Ballistics offers 5 bed sizes and 7 colors.

  • Small ($109.00): 24” L x 18” W x 3” H
  • Medium ($159.00): 33” L x 27” W x 5” H
  • Large ($209.00): 40” L x 34” W x 5” H
  • X-Large ($249.00): 54” L x 38” W x 5” H
  • XX-Large ($299.00): 68” L x 40” W x 5” H
  • Colors: Black, Blue, Blue Quartz, Green, Obsidian Black, Sandstone, and Tan

Note: Prices listed are at the time of publish and subject to change.

Advantage: K9 Ballistics

Our Pick

After reviewing all of the features of the Big Barker and K9 Ballistics dog beds, our pick is Big Barker. If your large dog should suffer from aching joints, muscles, or have arthritis, Big Barker is your best choice. Our reasoning is the 10-year no flatten warranty and the 1-year trial period. This is a huge plus especially for large dog breeds. Also, the study done by the University of Pennsylvania, showing proof that their beds do help larger dog breeds that suffer from arthritis, aching joints and muscles is also a plus.

Even though the Big Barker dog beds do cost more, they are protected by the 10-year no flatten warranty. So, this makes the bed cost more manageable when broken down into 10-year increments.

K9 Ballistics does have foam that is produced in their local factories, but it does not carry any no flatten warranty. Their beds have 5-inches of foam as compared with 7-inches by Big Barker.

Because of these reasons, Big Barker is our choice.


We shared that both dog bed brands offer some specific features that the other does not. As a dog bed owner, you will have to decide on which bed is best for your situation.

The biggest difference between these brands is the warranty. Big Barker stands out in this area with a 10-year won’t flatten policy, while K9 Ballistics main warranty is 120 days against chewing and nothing against the bed flattening.

Before making a purchase, it’s advisable to check the latest product information, customer reviews, and any updates from the manufacturers to ensure that you have the most current and accurate details about a Big Barker and K9 Ballistics orthopedic dog beds.

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