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AeroMark, Inc, is a worldwide pet furniture and bed products company. Making quality pet beds for both the cat and dog markets. Founded in the USA and headquartered in Trevosa, Pennsylvania. Founded in 1994, primarily a women led company.

Company Info

Brand: Armarkat (AeroMark, Inc.)
Established: 1994
Locations: Pennsylvania, USA, China & Europe
Contact: 1-(609)-331-9993
Company Slogan: Providing Fun & Relaxation for Pets Worldwide!
Company Ownership:
This is a small women led company focused on pet furniture with hand-crafted looks. We use professional pet product designers that develop appealing materials and colors to match any homes décor. Currently have 75 pet beds for the cat and dog market.
Product Lines: Cat Beds, Dog Beds, and ToPet Furniture

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