Comfortable and Stylish Orthopedic Dog Beds for All Breeds

Orthopedic Beds Are Good For All Dogs!

Blueberry Pet Heavy Duty Microsuede Dog Bed

Blueberry Pet Heavy Duty Micro suede Dog Bed


You can find comfortable and stylish orthopedic dog bed for all types of dog breeds regardless of age. Dog beds help keep your pet off the cold floor and can support any aches and pains they may be suffering.

It’s important to remember, as your dog ages they can suffer from aching joints and arthritis. So, an orthopedic dog bed can come to their rescue.

With so many orthopedic bed brands on the market today, you should be able to find one for your dog. They come in various sizes so you should be able to match one with the breed and size of your dog.

Find a bed that is best for the decor of the room where it will be placed. Also, don’t forget the sleeping style of your dog, as this will play an important role in finding a comfortable and stylish bed for him to rest on.

The most comfortable orthopedic dog bed for your dog are those that are made with memory foam. If your dog should be suffering with aching joints, muscle pain, or arthritis, these beds will provide overall comfort for them. Or, at least with some type of filling that will provide comfort when they are suffering joint paint or other types of health issues.

A dog bed keeps them warm all-year-round, gives them some privacy and security to retreat to from time to time. These beds serve as a soft place to help cushion joints, aching muscles, and bones of older or overweight dogs, prevents injuries, provides comfort, and holds shed hair for easier cleaning. They also keep the dog off the cold hard floor.

What Are Orthopedic Dog Beds?

When you compare an orthopedic dog bed with others that are made with fillings that inferior and less expensive. Orthopedic beds are made with thick memory foam which helps to relieve the pressure on a dog’s joints.

They also provide relief for dogs that may be suffering from arthritis, hip dysplasia or have aching muscles. These beds are a good option for all breed of dogs regardless of their age. All dogs regardless of breed, can benefit when using an orthopedic dog bed.

Who Benefits From An Orthopedic Dog Bed?

If you have a dog that is suffering from aching muscles, joints, has hip dysplasia, or recovering from a recent operation, they all can benefit from an orthopedic dog bed. The reason is their weight is evenly distributed out on the bed, it provides relief from the pressure points being placed on their body. The memory foam spreads the dog’s weight evenly across the surface and gives them relief and comfort.

In the final analysis, both the owner and dog benefit from an orthopedic dog bed.

Top Features of Orthopedic Dog Beds

Milliard Orthopedic Dog Bed

Milliard Orthopedic Dog Bed

When shopping for an orthopedic dog bed, you need to look for certain features that will make your purchase worthwhile.

  • Non-Slip Bottoms. When shopping for a bed, be sure it has a non-slip bottom so it won’t move when your dog tries to enter it to sleep on it.
  • Waterproof Covers. This feature is important one not to overlook. Dog’s will have accidents and you want to protect your investment. Look for beds that come with a waterproof cover.
  • Machine Washable. Be sure the cover can be machine washed. Covers need to be cleaned periodically.
  • This is another convenient feature to allow the cover to be removed for cleaning.
  • Easy To Move Around. The bed should be light enough so it can be moved to any place in the house. Try to find an area that the bed can be placed permanently. This will provide a location for your pet to call his own. Be sure to place the bed out of the way of heavy traffic areas.
  • Type of Filling. – Don’t overlook this feature. Look for high-quality filling such as a solid piece of foam. The foam should be at least 2 inches thick, to provide support. Don’t forget to factor in his height so he can get in and out if the bed is too high.
  • Bed Size. – The size of the bed should be determined by his sleeping style and his adult size if you have a puppy.

Dog Beds with The CertiPUR-US Seal

Big Barker Large Dog Bed Foam Materials

Big Barker Large Dog Bed CertiPUR-US Foam Materials

This is extremely important as many manufactures make orthopedic dog beds using memory foam. You may not know that dog beds that do not have the CertiPUR-US seal can be made with toxic chemicals which is harmful to both humans and animals.

When looking for a dog bed made with memory foam, be sure to find out where it was made. Most beds made with memory foam in China have toxic chemicals which are harmful. The reason for this it makes the bed cheaper for the consumer.

So, when shopping for an orthopedic dog bed be sure the memory foam has the CertiPUR-US seal. You can click on the following link CertiPUR-US Seal for a list of authorized companies that have this seal on their memory foam products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about dog beds.

  • How Long To They Last? – The longevity of dog beds can be anywhere from a few months to 10 years. The time being determined by the materials used in making the bed. Orthopedic beds will generally last longer than normal beds.
  • Is The Bed Chew Proof? – The aggressiveness of your dog’s chewing will determine your bed options. Most beds are not chew proof. Chew proof beds are more expensive than normal ones. Some brands have guarantees on the chew proof portion of the bed. Knowing this ahead of time will save you money and headaches later.
  • Are Beds Suitable for Outdoor Use? – There are brands of dog beds that are exclusively made for the outdoors. If you should live in a cold climate, you may consider a heated bed.
  • Does The Type of Bed Matter? – Yes, if your dog suffers from joint pain, aching muscles, or has arthritis. Your options are limited to memory foam or orthopedic beds.
  • Should The Bed Be Soft or Hard? – Dogs need firm beds for sleeping. Too soft beds will not offer the support they need for a comfortable night’s rest. If buying an orthopedic or memory foam bed, your pet should not sink down to the floor.
  • Do I Need To Wash The Bed? – Yes, every two weeks at a minimum. Weekly is preferred.
  • Do Dog Beds Need To Be Changed? – The cover should be cleaned once a week. More often if he has accidents.
  • Do I Need A Dog Bed In Every Room? – The quick answer is no. However, if you notice your pet pulling their bed from room to room it is a sign they are looking for a change in temperature. Or, they just want to get closer to you.
  • Why Do Dogs Pull Their Beds Around? – Because of their ancestral instincts, you may see your dog pull their beds around. There are a couple of reasons for this, one, they are trying to find the safest position possible, and two, they just might be looking for a change in temperature.

Styles of Orthopedic Dog Beds

KH Elevated Rectangular Dog Bed Medium Dogs

KH Elevated Rectangular Dog Bed Medium Dogs

When you go shopping for an orthopedic dog bed, you will notice not only the different sizes but also the styles. You will have the option of which color you want the bed to have. Let’s have a look at some of the most common style dog beds. We’ll examine each one separately.

Some of the basic styles are:

  • Blankets
  • Cave
  • Crate
  • Donut
  • Elevated
  • Heated
  • Memory Foam
  • Orthopedic
  • Pillow
  • Sofa
Dog In A Blanket

Dog In A Blanket

If you have limited funds and have some old or warn out blankets around the house, you can use them for a bed. Dogs have a tendency of lying on anything that will protect them from the hard cold floor even if it is your own bed. It does not matter if the blankets are worn-down as they will provide comfort for your dog.

All you do is just lay a few blankets in an area where your dog can sleep and be out of the way of heavy traffic. So, he’ll have a place that he can go to as his own.

You might want to put a few blankets together so it forms a thickness that will make sleeping on them comfortable and for their bones and muscles. Try to make the thickness the size of a comforter.

This is a great way of providing some support for your dog so they do not have to sleep on the cold hard floor.

Cave Style Beds
Snoozer Cozy Cuddler Cave Orthopedic Dog Bed Small Dogs

Snoozer Cozy Cuddler Cave Orthopedic Dog Bed Small Dogs

Cave style beds are generally for the smaller breed dogs. Some dogs just like to have a hiding spot to nestle and a cave type bed provides them with that. This style of bed is similar to a cave that has a little alcove so your pouch can hop into at any time and keep them safe. These types of beds will keep your dog warm and cozy. If your dog has little hair on his body, a cave bed will make up for it.

There are a couple of different types of cave beds and some look like tipis and other resemble a cave. What is nice about these beds is that the come in a multiple array of colors and an exact size that will suit your dog’s needs.

Most of these beds are easy to wash and maintain so they can be kept clean. They are also very light and can be easily moved around the house as needed.

Crate Dog Beds
Midwest Homes for Pets Dog Crate

Midwest Homes for Pets Dog Crate

Crates are used to house your pet when going to work and to keep dogs from destroying things. They are excellent to use when going on a trip, visiting or on vacation. You can purchase crate pads that will fit the bottom of the crate that will provide sufficient padding which comforts your dog whenever he is in the crate.

The pads come in various sizes to fit small to large crates. They also come in multiple colors to fit your room’s décor.

Donut Style Dog Beds
GM Pet Supplies Donut Orthopedic Dog Bed Small Dogs

GM Pet Supplies Donut Orthopedic Dog Bed Small Dogs

A donut style dog bed is usually round and has some bolters on the side to provide some security as they sleep. This bed is excellent for those dog breeds that like to curl up when they sleep or take a nap. These beds are not for dogs that like to spread out when they nap or sleep. You will find that these beds are not expensive and come in various sizes and colors.

Elevated Dog Beds
Coolaroo Elevated Rectangular Orthopedic Dog Bed

Coolaroo Elevated Rectangular Orthopedic Dog Bed

Elevated dog beds are beds that keep your dog off the ground or floor. They are soft and are beneficial for those dogs that have joint problems as some provide orthopedic support across their entire body. Elevated beds also help to keep your furry friend cool in the summer.

Another nice feature of elevated beds is they are made of a fabric that is stretched tighter and makes it difficult for aggressive chewers to get a grip on. The bed is made with mesh material, which allows hair and dried mud to fall off the sides or through the mesh to keep the bed clean.

The bed can be easily moved from one place to another. These beds can be hosed off when they get dirty. This is an ideal bed for outdoor use.

The downside of these beds is they require some assembly before use. They may be difficult to put together by yourself, so you may need some assistance.

Heated Beds
Aleko Heated Bolster Dog Bed

Aleko Heated Bolster Dog Bed

Heated dog beds are good if you live in a cold climate. Dog breeds that have a thin coats need some extra protection from the cold and a heated bed provides the solution you are looking for. These beds will keep your pet warm and comfortable when sleeping at night or during the day for a nap.

Just remember that these beds use electricity to keep your dog warm. Be sure you don’t have an aggressive chewer that just might electrocute himself by chewing through the cord. They will heat up to the pet’s body temperature so it perfect on a cold wintry night. Most of these beds use less than 10 watts of energy that an energy-efficient choice.

They come in various colors to choose from so finding one that matches a rooms décor should be easy to find.

Memory Foam Beds
Memory Foam Used In Dog Beds

Memory Foam Used In Dog Beds

As your pet ages, considering a memory foam bed is the right choice if they suffer from arthritis, sore muscles, and aching joints. A memory foam bed will help them to be comfortable during a night’s sleep.

Memory foam beds are made to fit or mold to your pets body as they lie or sleep on it. The form eliminates the pressure points and takes the stress out of sleeping. By providing your pet with memory foam you show concern for your dog to provide him with comfort.

You can find memory form dog beds in various sizes and colors. They also have removable covers that are machine washable to keep them clean.

One more thing about memory foam, be sure it has the CertiPUR-US seal. This means that the form is made of materials that are not toxic to dogs and humans. Click on the following link to read more about the <a href= title>CertiPUR-US seal</a> and how it is tested.

Orthopedic Dog Beds
Sealy Rectangular Orthopedic Dog Bed

Sealy Rectangular Orthopedic Dog Bed

Besides memory foam, orthopedic dog beds can also help dogs that suffer from health problems. If they have hip dysplasia, orthopedic beds provides them the best comfort. These beds are good for dogs suffering from aching muscles or has hip problems. Using this type of bed should help in alleviating pain and allow your dog to sleep through the night.

If your dog is prone to experience joint pain, using this type of bed will help to improve your dog’s mobility.

Some beds come with bolsters which provides support for their back, neck and other body parts by leaning against it.

These beds are for medium to large breed dogs. You can find some nice orthopedic beds for small breeds. Orthopedic beds are more costly, so be prepared to spend more on one.

The beds come with removable and machine washable covers to keep them clean.

Pillow Dog Beds
Dog Laying On A Pillow Dog Bed

Dog Laying On A Pillow Dog Bed

These types of beds are simple and easy to find on the market. These models can be very comfortable for your pet. They are also cost-effective and they will appeal to dog owners on a limited budget. They are less expensive than the others listed above. You can find a pillow for any size of dog breed.

One limitation about these beds is if your dog should suffer from health issues may require a more supportive type of dog bed. We have mentioned some of those beds above.

These beds do come in various colors and have no-frills. Just lay the pillow in the area you want your dog to lie down on. Try to find pillow beds that are waterproof and have removable covers so they can be cleaned.

Pet Sofa Dog Bed
Pet Sofa Dog Bed

Pet Sofa Dog Bed

You may have seen your pet rest, nap or sleep on your sofa or couch. How about getting your pet a bed that is shaped just like your sofa. These beds are very comfortable and some are orthopedic which is good for your dog’s health.

These beds are very stylish and come in a multiple of colors that will match the room’s décor. There are many different sizes and shapes to consider. This type of bed is a good choice for all breeds and sizes of dogs that just like a sofa bed.

When shopping for one, be sure the cover is removable so it can be washed.

Dog Bed Considerations

You might be thinking that selecting a dog bed is easy. However, before you do, you must consider some factors. We will share some of them.

  • If you should have a dog that is aggressive, scratches, or plays rough, be sure to buy a bed that will hold up against his aggressiveness. y
  • Type of activity. If your dog likes to play in the rain or mud, be sure to get a bed that the cover can be easy washed.
  • The beds location. Where the bed will be placed will play an important role in your selection. Will it be outside or indoors? This will be the place where your dog will spend most of his time. If it’s indoors, be sure it is out of the way of heavy traffic.
  • The age of your dog. This will determine the type of dog bed to buy. As they age, they can experience joint problems, muscle pain and arthritis. An orthopedic or memory form bed is the proper choice.
  • Your dog’s size. If you have a puppy, they will grow. Be sure to buy a bed that will allow him to grow into. Buy a bed that best fits his sleeping style.
  • Washable covers. Be sure to purchase a dog bed that has removable cover that can be easily washed. Dogs will have accidents and the cover should be cleaned periodically.

Pros & Cons

Below are some of the pros and cons of dog beds.


  • Beds come in all sizes and shapes.
  • Beds come in a wide variety of colors.
  • Orthopedic beds are an excellent choice for dogs that suffer from hip dysplasia, aching muscles and joint pain.
  • Memory foam beds are best.
  • Beds are great for all dog breeds.
  • Some brands make beds specifically for aggressive chewing dogs.
  • Covers are removable for easy cleaning.
  • Beds can be easily matched to your dog’s sleeping style.


  • Beds without the CertiPUR-US seal are made with toxic materials which are harmful to humans and animals.
  • Aggressive chewing dogs can destroy their bed.
  • Some memory foam beds will not support the weight of the dog which defeats the purpose of the bed.
  • Must know your dog’s sleeping style.
  • Some memory foam beds will not support your pet’s weight when they sit or lay on it.


Dog Sleeping Style The Leaner

Dog Sleeping Style The Leaner

We have flooded you with lots of information regarding dog beds. You should not just go out and purchase any type of dog bed. You need to do some homework first before you go out buying a bed for your pet.

Know some of the basics like his size, health, sleeping style, and where the bed will be placed. Knowing this information ahead of time will help you to narrow in on the best bed for your dog.

As you go shopping for a dog bed, knowing some features and your pet’s needs will help you in selecting the right bed.

We shared some of these features above. However, the most important one is the sleeping style of your dog. With this knowledge you can hone in on the proper dog bed.

When placing the bed keep it out of the way of the most heavy traffic areas of the house.

Finally, when buying a memory foam bed be sure it has the CertiPUR-US seal. The seal assures you that the materials used in making the bed are not toxic which can be harmful to both dog and owner.

If you want to shop for the top selling orthopedic dog beds, click on the following link: Orthopedic Dog Beds.You can shop by brands, styles, shapes and sizes.

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